Phone hacking


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Phone hacking

  1. 1. Hacking--at privacy and/or press freedomPhone Hacking ScandalIn July 2011 the Guardian newspaper broke a story that the News of the World tabloid hadhacked the cell phone of a murdered schoolgirl in 2002 making their parents and the policebelieve that the schoolgirl was still alive when she wasn’t by sending messages off herphone and reading messages which had been sent to her phone off her parents and etc…At the time the police didn’t know anyone had hacked into her phone and thought she wasstill alive so instead of looking for her killer or body they was looking for the missing girl,because of the outrage the media baron Rupert Murdoch shut down the News of theWorld. A variety of his News Corp. executives has resigned or had been forced out of theirpositions, as had two top law officers at Scotland Yard who allegedly failed to orderappropriate follow-up investigations of the phone hacking evidence in the Yard’spossession for at least 5 years. The News Corp agreed to pay 3 million pounds to thefamily of the Milly Dowler, the murdered schoolgirl whose cell phone was hacked by theNews of the world. The evidence which they got suggests that its journalists andinvestigators may have hacked in and listened to the voicemail of nearly 6,000 people andthat’s how they got majority of their stories for their news. In November 2011 there wereindications that hacking may also have been used at The Sun, the weekday paper of theSunday News of the World.Even though at the time the News of the World might not have meant to cause any harmto anyone and they didn’t think they’d get caught doing this, since they have done it to avariety of people to get a stories, they still broke a variety of laws for example the Humanrights act 1998, the right of privacy. They know they shouldn’t be hacking peoples phonesto get stories especially not missing/dead schoolgirls phones. Not only did they break theHuman Rights Act 1998 also the Privacy Law, this refers to the laws which deal withpersonal information about individuals which can be collected by the governments andother public as well as private organisations. Also how it is stored and used. Even thoughthe schoolgirls phone wasn’t exactly that they had still hacked a variety of other peoplesphones which can hold a variety of different information including personal informationfor example if they hacked someone’s phone who is famous and their phone numbers etc..are in their phone they could save them and find out a variety of other personalinformation about them which they don’t need to know. I don’t think it’s right that theyhacked anyone’s phone for them reasons.