Music based programming evaulation


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Music based programming evaulation

  1. 1. Music Based Programming-Megan and I produced two scripts for a broadcast radio and an in-store radio we madethese scripts on celtx. We listened to other radios to see how much they branded theradio station, how much they spoke, what they spoke about and how many songs playedin an hour show. We looked at radio stations like Capital FM, Smooth Radio, and RockRadio we also looked at different in-store radio stations. We were given a list of songswhich were downloaded in the radio studio and got told to send Damen any songs wewanted for out radio show. We both made a different list of songs and found outinteresting facts about them which we could talk about on our radio show. We usedMegan’s song list and facts for our Broadcast Radio and mine for our In-Store Radio. Onour broadcast Radio show we included 9 songs, our own made jingles, news which wefound on the internet, song facts and spoke like we were having a conversation.Whereas on our In-Store Radio we included 12 songs, very few song facts, mentioneddeals which were going on in-store, own made jingles which represented the shop andwe also included band gossip because Pulp is a band merchandise shop.Once we finished our scripts we went into the Radio Studio to practice using theequipment, we were shown how to blend in music going from one to another straightaway. We went into the radio room and practised a variety of times before we actuallyrecorded our show. When we wasn’t in the Radio Studio we had to use voice recordersto record what we was going to say in our jingles, the news and the band gossip. Oncewe finished recording we edited our jingles on Reaper, we both edited them ourselvesand made a few different jingles even though we only used around 2 different jingles ineach show. Once we finished editing our jingles and recording our news and bandgossip we went into the Radio Studio to do our final recordings of our Radio shows, eventhough we had a script we changed a few things in the Radio studio for example whenwe was introducing ourselves and saying goodbye. We recorded our Broadcast Radiofirst when we first went into the Radio Studio we couldn’t get our songs to work andwhen speaking into the microphones we couldn’t hear it. We had to shut it all down andreopen it to see if it worked. Once we got everything working we started to record ourshow, we made a mistake towards the beginning because I read the wrong part so wehad to stop recording and restart. Once we got going we recorded it the whole waythrough without any mistakes. We set up our news, jingles and the news intro which wasalready made on the screen so we were ready to play them when we wanted them in ourradio show.Once we finished recording our Broadcast Radio we booked to go into the Radio Studioto record our In-Store Radio Show. We had only practised the In-Store Radio around two
  2. 2. times even though it’s mainly songs throughout the In-Store Radio we made a fewmistakes as we were getting started for example when we were introducing the show weleft a break between the jingle and us introducing and then there were a few secondsbreak between me introducing me and Megan introducing herself so we had to stoprecording both times and start again. Once we got going and us to everything again Ifound it pretty easy. We had to blend majority of the songs which we chose because webarley spoke between songs there is around 2 songs which are on their own in-betweenus speaking. When listening back to both recorded radio shows I think we did well inboth especially the Broadcast Radio because we both spoke clear, none of the ends ofthe songs were cut off and we didn’t make any obvious mistakes throughout it.I found when there was just one of us turning the microphones and music on and off wemessed up quite a few times so when we were recording our actual Radio Shows weboth did it and worked together and doing this made it a lot easier throughout the show.When we first started we didn’t know exactly when the song would always finish so wehad to try listen to it carefully, also some of the introductions were long and we had to tryand remember which songs they were. We had to speak throughout some of theintroductions or play jingles in them so there wasn’t around 5 seconds of silence.I think both of our radio shows were suitable for their target audiences for example weused popular and well known nostalgic tracks and also songs which aren’t old but wentwith the music which we were playing. We chose these songs by asking the students inour media class what sort of songs they would like to be played. The nostalgic songswhich were chosen by Megan, other media students and I were ‘Wake Me Up BeforeYou Go Go by Wham’, ‘We Will Rock You by Queen’, ‘ I am the Resurrection by TheStone Roses’ and more… Other songs which were also chosen are ‘Paradise byColdplay’, ‘Wonder wall By Oasis’ and ‘Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars’. Weended our radio show with the Bruno Mars song even though it doesn’t go with anygenre or the previous music it played it sounded good at the end and we wanted a happysong to end our show. Also a lot of the people who we asked about the music liked thissong and they were included in our target audience.Our In-store Radio show was for Pulp store, this store sells rock band merchandise forrecent bands to nostalgic bands. We chose some of the artists which they sellmerchandise for, instead of just choosing them randomly we chose artists which are wellknown for example we used ‘I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor by ArcticMonkeys’, ‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy’, ‘Basket Case byGreen Day’, Mr Brightside by The Killers’ and more. For the last three songs we use wellknown and popular nostalgic tracks to end it with for example we used ‘Sex On Fire by
  3. 3. Kings Of Leon’, ‘Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi’ and ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns NRoses’. I think these songs met our target audience even though the last three are oldsongs they’re popular bands with a lot of rock looking teenagers/ young adults. A lot ofthe people who shop in Pulp will most likely listen to this genre of music since they’reshopping somewhere that sells merchandise for all of the bands.If I did it again I wouldn’t just read off the script all the time in the Radio room becausewhen we didn’t read off the script for the introduction I think it sounded better and duringcertain parts it was obvious we were reading straight off the scripts we produced. Also Iwe could have come up with a few more interesting band gossip than we did, we couldalso joke around a bit as if we’re having a conversation instead of the quick conversationwe had at the beginning of the Broadcast Radio. I’d also be a little more organised forwhen recording the show because at the beginning of certain songs there was a fewseconds gap and we had to quickly fill it in with a jingle so it didn’t sound obvious.