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  1. 1. I have used these images because I am planning oncreating a rock based music video. A variety of theseimages are different types of rock E.G. soft rock, rap rock heavy metal. Even though they are all different types of rock allthe music videos are done in the same way they’reperformance based videos, so you see the band playingthe instruments and the vocalist singing/screaming.Also the colours are mainly dark and grey scaled.
  2. 2. I have used these images to look at whatcamera angles are used mostly in this genre ofmusic videos. There is a variety of goodexamples of angles in these images. I havelooked into different types of rock; rap rock, heavy metal, pop rock etc…A lot of close ups on the bands instrument, longshots showing the whole band performing andlong shots on the audience/mosh pits. Thesetwo are the main camera angles used in the rockmusic videos (performance based) I have lookedat.
  3. 3. Props are important in a music video, the bands instruments are included in theprops. Most of the audience would want to see the band playing because it is likea live performance, even though it isn’t the same experience. I have used theseimages for the props so I know what I should include in my music video and whatsort of props are included in a rock video. Also to see what the audience wouldwant to see within the music video.When it comes to clothing in a rock music video they all tend to be dark coloursand simple clothing especially for the lads. I used the images so I know what colourclothing I should mainly use and what sort of clothing I should include. Looking atthe images the women tend to wear dark and old fashioned dresses/ clothing. Ifthere is any colour included in the clothing the main colour tends to be red.
  4. 4. The setting is important in music videos. I have used these images toget an idea on where to set my music video. These images show thatif a rock music video isnt a live performance they tend to be in a darkplaces. There is a variety of crowded places and empty rooms/spaces.