Made in salford paige,megan&clayton


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Made in salford paige,megan&clayton

  1. 1. We got our ideas from certain TV programmes, some of theseare;• Made in Chelsea,• Only way is Essex,• The Hotel• Ladette to Lady
  2. 2. Made In Chelsea;This is a reality TV series which is on E4 in the UK, the characters play “structured”versions of themselves in the wealthy Chelsea district of London. This programmeis similar to the TV programme is The Only Way Is Essex. They take notice in acertain type ofpeople, the characters are not famous actors. Their target audience are teenagersand young adults. An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves ofthe sociallyThe TV programme gets put onto E4 OD for people to watch episodes they havemissed- ideas which we are using from this TV programme is basing the TV show oncertain type of people, these type of people are ‘stereotypical doleys’, also thecharacters in our TV programme won’t be famous actors.
  3. 3. The Only Way Is Essex;The Only Way Is Essex is a British BAFTA award-winning television showbased in Essex, England. It shows "real people in modified situations,saying unscripted lines but in a structured way." The show is filmed justa few days in advance. This TV programme is also a reality TVprogramme. The programme is on for 45-60 minutes., It started inOctober 2011. This show has been described by the Daily Mirror asBritains answer to The Hills and Jersey Shore.
  4. 4. Lady to LadetteLadette to Lady is a reality based series that first aired in theUnited Kingdom on ITV. The show had viewing figures of 4.45million to 5.41 million, winning its timeslot each week. The showtries and turns woman who act like men into ladys.In our show we are using the same idea by turning stereotypicalchavs from Salford into business men and woman.
  5. 5. HOTELThe type of TV show we are doing Fly-on-the-wall is a style of documentary-making, what these type of documentary’s are is, it uses camera that are set up arounda set location, a little like CCTV, but also with audio, to basically show the “real” life ofthe said person being on the documentary; it is also common for participants to beinterviewed, often by an off-camera voice. The series is filmed using fixed cameraspositioned in several locations around the complex rather than using a camera crew. Anexisting TV program that already exists that is aired on a similar TV channel (Channel 4)is “Hotel” it is basically the theme we want to be going for. What its basic intentions areis to show a realistic program, which shows the funny side of a life of the person in theprogram, such as arguing, laughing, and living there life how they would; letting theviewer’s essentially judge them on what they do. TV programs like this are referred to as“the dull bits that nobody ever mentions” due to it not just showing the excitingparts, yet the real life moments parts also.
  6. 6. Week1:Introducing what the programme is about and who is going to be on the show. They will be asked avariety of questions to do with maths to show the intelligence of each person.Week2:They will be put into 2 groups with 5 people in. The groups will get a compass and a map per group,they will have to find the prize, collecting clues on the way and by using the map and compass givento them. The group which finds it first gets a surprise at the end of the week. The group thatloses will be sent to three of the teachers/judges in the school and they will decide on who will gohome.Week3:They will be put into 3 groups with 3 people in. Each group will be given the same amount of woodand tools and will have to plan and build a chair for the age group 3-5. The group which wins willget a surprise at the end of the week and the 2 groups which didn’t will be sent to theteachers/judges to find out whom is going home. One of the groups will get chosen and then oneperson out of the group will be sent home.Week4:They will be put into 4 pairs. Each pair will be given mechanical baby, they will have to look after itas parents and plan out the budget for the nappies, food, clothes and etc…. The dolls score howwell they’ve done at the end of the week and the pair with the lowest score will go to theteachers/judges and they will decide on whom will go home out of the pair. The winning pair willget a surprise at the end of the week.Week5:They will be put into 2 pairs and a group of 3 . Each group will be shown a different scienceproject once and will have to learn how to do it, each group will have to perform it to a class of13/14 year olds. The teenagers will decide who’s demonstration was the best. The group whichwasn’t the best will get sent to the three teachers/judges will decide who goes home. The winninggroup will get a surprise at the end of the week.
  7. 7. Week6:They will be put into 3 pairs. They will all be given the same budget and have to go buy ingredientsto make there own meal with the budget. They will all be given the same time in which they have todo this and the three teachers/judges will have to try the meals they have prepared and decide whowins. They will decide who goes home out of the pair in which the meal they least enjoyed.Week7:They will be in a pair and a group of 3. They will be given the same amount of equipment per groupand will be told to write a story and draw pictures to make a book for a 5-7 year olds. They will begiven the same amount of time, and they will have to read the book to the children at a primaryschool so they’ll have to speak clear. The children will choose which book they enjoyed the most andthe team/group which lose will have to go to the teachers/judges and they will choose who goeshome out of them.Week8:They will be put into pairs and both pairs will be given a monologue and will have to learn it betweenthem. They will have to act it out and show emotion. Both pairs will perform this monologue to a smallaudience including the teachers/judges. They will decide which pair performed the monologue thebest. The pair which lose will go to the teachers/judges and they will decide who goes home out ofthe pair.Week9:They will be shown how to dance by a dance instructor, they will have a full day of learning it and willhave to perform it in front of the teachers/judges as a group as three. They will have to work as ateam and put the dance moves they have learnt together as a routine. Two of them out of the threewill be told to go to the teachers/judges and they will then decide on who stays out of them two.Week10:They will both have to do a week of work experience, within the week they will be set a variety ofchallenges which they have to complete. They will be watched all week with cameras. Then both willhave to go to the teachers/judges separately where they will decide who is going to win theprogramme.
  8. 8. The winner on the showwill be given free training for a chance to get a fulltime paid job and will win £5,000.