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Jl5 2012_assignment

  1. 1. 1Qualification Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUnit number and title Unit 2 Communication Skills for Creative Media Production - PartialStart date Monday 8/1/2013Deadline Friday 1/2/2013Assessor name Jo LowesAssignment title JL05 – The Realities of a PitchScenarioThis unit aims to improve the skills that you can expect to use on a regular basis within the creativemedia sector such as pitching ideas, writing proposals and constructing reports. Both indivually and insmall teams you will develop your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas through pitches,proposals and reports to a range of audiences using appropriate modes of address and formsof technology.You have been commissioned by E4 to pitch a new reality TV show or talent show that appeals to E4starget audience. E4 is the entertainment destination for a cutting edge young audience, it also wonchannel of the year at The Broadcast Awards in Feb 2011. E4 is one of the most original digital channels,successfully launching mega hits like Skins, The Inbetweeners and Misfits. E4 was also the original homeof Big Brother before its move to Channel 5 and is the current home of Made in Chelsea, which wascreated as a posh alternative to The Only Way is Essex.You need to work in groups of 2 or 3 to research current shows of a similar genre and why they aresuccessful as well as researching E4s target audience to ensure your show will appeal to the channelsdemographic. Create an original concept for a new hit show and a pitch to sell your idea to E4.This is a fast paced brief requiring you to research, plan and pitch your idea within a three period.For assessment of this unit you need to produce a blog with relevant information about your show ideaand a copy of your pitch.The blog posts will have the following titles:Task 1 Genre and E4s target audience researchTask 2 Planning the showTask 3 the Pitch (With a recording of your pitch and accompanying material)
  2. 2. 2Tasks Grading Criteria MappingTask 1Task 1 Genre and E4s target audience researchAs a group, watch compare and contrast a selection of reality televisionand talent shows to identify common styles and themes within the genre.Individually put your research into a powerpoint.Research E4’s target audience and the ideogy behind their programmingand programming makingWork to be added to your blog with the title Task 1 Genre and E4starget audience researchUnit 2P1, M1, D1Task 2Task 2 Planning the showIn groups of 2 or 3 create an original idea for a reality TV program or talentshow. Consider the following;Name & possible logoAim of the show. Who are the main characters and what is their mainactivity? If it is a competition or kind of talent show how will people winand who decides?Who it will appeal to and you research to support this?Possible publicityAll work to be added to your blog with the title Task 2 Planning theshowUnit 2P4, M4, D4Task 3Task 3 the Pitch (With a recording of your pitch and accompanying material)Working in the same groups of three learners pitch your idea to panel explainingyour idea and presenting supporting material: Include the following information.Name & possible logoAim of the show.Who it will appeal toAlso consider the style, theme, tone and technology of your pitch, as yourpitch should reflect the ethos of your showAll work to be added to your blog with the title Task 3 the PitchUnit 7P5, M5, D5
  3. 3. 3This brief has been verified as being fit for purposeDateDateUnit 7: Understanding the Creative Media SectorP1. use appropriate techniques toextract relevant informationfrom written sourcesM1. use appropriate techniquesto extract information fromwritten sources with someprecisionD1.use appropriate techniquesto extract comprehensiveinformation from writtensourcesP2. present a media productionreport which conveys relevantinformation[IE]M2. present a structured anddetailed media productionreport which conveysinformation and explainsconclusions with clarityD2. present a well-structured andsubstantial media productionreport which conveys informationwith precise exemplification andjustifies conclusions withsupporting argumentsP3. review reports to makechanges with occasionalbeneficial effects[RL]M3.review reports to makechanges with frequentbeneficial effectsD3. review reports to makechanges with consistentlybeneficial effectsP4.deploy and manageappropriate technology topitch a media productionproposal[SM]M4. deploy and managetechnology to pitch a mediaproduction proposal effectivelyand with some imaginationD4 deploy and managetechnology to pitch a mediaproduction proposal withcreativity and flair and tonear-professional standardsP5 employ appropriate forms ofaddress in a media productionpitch to communicate ideas.[CT]M5 employ forms of address ina media production pitch tocommunicate ideas effectively.D5 employ forms of address in amedia production pitch withflair to communicate ideas withimpact.:PLTS: This summary references where applicable, in the square brackets, the elements of the personal,learning and thinking skills applicable in the pass criteria. It identifies opportunities for learners to demonstrateeffective application of the referenced elements of the skills.