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  1. 1. Media Company Case Study Task 1 Understand the structureand ownership of the media sector Paige Ward
  2. 2. AppleApple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumerelectronics, computer software, and personal computers. Apple is a company that producethe Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone, the MacBook, IPod Nano, and the IPod touchand just recently they released the iPad they also began ITunes for downloading andstoring music, movies, TV shows and podcasts.
  3. 3. Apple Computer, as it was then called, was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs andSteve Wozniak, who raised the money to start the company on their own. Afterearly success with their first two models, the founders took the company publicin 1980 to raise the funds they needed to expand. The company is now ownedby its shareholders, or people who invested money in to the company. Bil Gatesowns 51% of the company, Apple. The apple Inc. didn’t start as a mediacompany it was an IT company, because one of their products is a IMac. WhenITunes was made that was what changed it to being a media company, becauseit produced music etc…Apple has purchased several companies in the past, some of these companiesare; Apple acquired C3 Technologies which is a 3D mapping company,Siri Inc. which the voice activated personal assistant present in the iPhone 4Sand the new iPad.
  4. 4. In recent years, most PC manufacturers were rivals to Apple, for example;Dell,Alien ware,Gateway etc.but of course you can also factor in Microsoft as a rival to their Operating System (OS X/XP).Recently they have branched out considerably, into online media (iTunes, Mobile Me, iPhone)so you can factor in Napster and other legal music download sites, Hotmail and Gmail, andNokia, Samsung, Blackberry and alike.Also, they rival in the server markets withHP,Sun,SGIand IBMSo, they now have a very diverse range of products, and there are many rivals that arefighting with Apple in those markets.
  5. 5. A lot of the customers of apple Inc. tend to be people with their own businessbecause of the apps you can buy on them it can be good as a businessphone. Also quite a few teenagers, musicians also sometimes buy apple Inc.,especially unsigned bands. The apps can help with certain parts of theirmusic.Apple Inc. Produces, sells etc… by there self. They don’t use anyone else inthere company like Sony.
  6. 6. Apple Inc. is a global computer manufacturing company that is going through major changes in its organizationalculture and it’s organizational structure due to several events of the past few years. This is a company that grewextremely fast in little time, that their management found themselves not being able to keep their operations andfinances under control. Apple Inc. has been forced to revaluate and redesign it’s organizational culture andorganizational structure to avoid bankruptcy.
  7. 7. Apple Inc. has received criticism for the alleged use of sweatshoplabour, environmental destruction, and unethical business practices.Additionally, it has been criticized for its litigious legal policy of suingbefore first gathering all the facts necessary to pursue a legitimatelawsuit.
  8. 8. BibliographyI used a variety of websites to find out information about apple, I used Wikipedia for somepoints but I also included points from these website; c/index.html