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Internet marketing finished powerpoints with voice3


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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Internet marketing finished powerpoints with voice3

  1. 1. Internet Marketing RecommendationPaige PlayfordDecember 11 2011
  2. 2. Why is it important to use Internet Marketing and Social Media ?
  3. 3. Overview- About the Blog Netflix Updates 4 U
  4. 4. Target Market & Persona Demographics: Psychographics: • Male, Females, Families • Attitudes: Fun spirited, uplifting, movie • 17-35 lovers, • Not a high income • comedy lovers • Yes, Educated • Interests: Watching comedies, laughingBehavioristic’s:• Use movies for: hanging out with friends, date night, family nights• Internet usage: Yes must have internet Geographics: • Location: GTA – any area that has Netflix Blog Titles:
  5. 5. Social Media & Graders
  6. 6. Google Analytics
  7. 7. Facebook Facebook Interact, create conversation, get feedbackTwitter Twitter How to get followers: make more tweets, stay up-to-date, follow the right people
  8. 8. YouTube  YouTube  More playlists, more favorites, and more videos  Blog  Continually update,My Blog create buzz, focus on creativity
  9. 9.  Website  No, Netflix has its own website My Blog  Yes, Changes would have to be made in order to capture more attention from customers SEOIn order to improve I would:  Make titles of blogs shorter  Make more keywords  Make Blog more specific
  10. 10. Display Ads & Social Media Goals: Websites • NetflixTwitter Followers = 80 • Google • Movie Lovers • FilmFantasticFacebook likes = 25
  11. 11. E-mail & Mobile Marketing The Question is Are they necessary?
  12. 12. Affiliate Marketing • Helps to make the business profitable • Connects all social media outlets • Makes a good presents on the internet, easy for customers to find you!
  13. 13. Recommendation Not Recommending to continue blogWhy not? Metrics No real benefits for customers Summaries and Ratings already on Netflix site
  14. 14. Important links!/NetflixUpdates4 4You ates4u?feature=mhee