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Questions for music


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Questions for music

  1. 1. Paige Ward Questions for my music magazine. Laura Myles arrived to Red light studios in Manchester earlier this week before her gig at the Academy. She’s currently doing a UK tour, I bet it’s good to be back home. She’s back on the stage where she did her first signed gig. Exciting! She’s been playing at small venues around Manchester since the age of 15. She’s managed to work her way up from You Tube and local pub gigs to worldwide festivals and concerts in less than 2 years!She said… o Hi Laura, I bet you’re glad to be back home? Oh Yeah, get to see my family and friends. How I’ve missed my mums shepherd’s pie with a pint! o That’s good, so you’ve got a gig tonight where you did your first big performance, must be exciting? It definitely is, I love playing in Manchester anyway but being back on the stage where I played with my first big crowd it’s going to bring back so many memories. o What songs are you going to perform for Manchester tonight then? I don’t want to give too much I’ll be playing some of my old music since the stage does have meaning to me, but I do have some songs from my new album ‘Misunderstood.’ o So, have you always wanted to have a career in music? I never really thought about it as a career at first it was more of a hobby, I always enjoyed sitting in my room singing and playing my guitar. A lot of people told me I was talented and some friends told me to start my own YouTube channel, so I thought why not… I started making videos as much as I could and I got into some small gigs with some unsigned bands and artists, I really enjoyed it. I met some amazing people while I was slowly getting my name and music out. Honestly I don’t pay much attention to the business side of music, it’s all fun! o What do you think your life would be without music? Music is like a decoration of time, without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid… o That’s a weird way to think of it ha-ha… What genres of music do you listen to most? There’s no specific genre, I listen to a collective of music… If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution. o What inspired you to become a musician? Like I said I’ve always enjoyed writing and playing music, it’s great how I can have my hobby as a career. Also the buzz I had when I first played in front of a crowd, I loved it. o What’s the longest time you’ve been recording in the studio? Around 3 weeks, I do love being in the studio recording but I prefer touring giving my fans what they love most.
  2. 2. o What’s the best live gig or festival you’ve played at?I’ve had so many amazing experiences but the best has to be Leeds festival. It was the first festival I’ve ever been to and it was amazing. Definitely a once in the life time experience, not only were the crowd amazing but some of the people I met. I’ve always been a big fan of Leeds festival, I went there a few times when I was younger, but being on the stage and playing to my audience it was the best experience ever. o What’s your favourite instrument to play?I play quite a few different instruments but it has to be my guitar. It was the first instrument I learnt to play and I’ve always enjoyed just playing it as a hobby. o What other things do you enjoy other than music?My life mainly just resolves around music but traveling is great. With my career I get both my favourite things and get paid for it, it’s amazing. o Are you looking forward to your US tour then? Yes, I can’t wait. I toured the US in 2012 and it was amazing! It’s exciting going back and to see all my fans again would be great o Finally, do you have any plans for the future? I just want to be happy, I’m going to travel more and I’m currently working in the studio on my new album which is out in June, it’s going to be amazing. Also touring the US at the end of this year. So I do have a great year ahead….