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Mast Head:The masthead in ‘Q’ this is a simple masthead but it’s also eye
catching and it stan...
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Q magazine analysis


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Q magazine analysis

  1. 1. Pull out quote. Mast Head Mast Head:The masthead in ‘Q’ this is a simple masthead but it’s also eye catching and it stands out because it’s unusual having a letter on the front cover as one of the main features. The connotation of ‘Q’ implies that it is different because ‘Q’ is not often used. Banner Cover Lines Banner:This is usually the first thing you look at when looking at a magazine but on this the words are hidden because of the centre image. The only parts of the words you can see are ‘The worl…..mag.’ Pull out Quote: Unlike all of cover lines the pull out quote isn’t bold. These are used to catch the reader’s attention, there’s only one pull out quote on the cover of this magazine. ‘I love the queen!’ the quote is just simple and black but it’s in capital letters, this makes it stand out and it may have been done to catch the reader’s attention and to also emphasize the quote. Centre ImageDirect mode of address Layering/ Background Cover Lines: These are short and snappy they make the reader want to pick up the magazine. These tell the reader straight away what is in the magazine. Usually the cover lines are down the right and left side of the magazine but on this cover their at the top and bottom his might be because of the size of the image and they didn’t want to cover any of the faces up. They also stand out because of the colour scheme (red and white) and also because they’re all in capital letters. The main cover line which says ‘Their biggest challenge yet’ is different from the rest of the cover lines because it isn’t in capital letters and it’s also in italics, this is to emphasize the words and for it to catch the reader’s attention. Centre Image:The main image is of Muse they’re dressed in black and unlike majority of magazine image covers they’re not pale. Each of them are looking in different directions and this looks good for a cover magazine image. Also the image is quite large and their heads cover some words. Layering/Background:Different fonts are used in the background, text, masthead, banner and barcode, these different fonts go well with the colour scheme (Red, black, white and purple.) Main Cover line Price/ Date/ Barcode Price/Date/Barcode:One of the main features on a magazine cover is the barcode and the price of the magazine. This is always found on the bottom corner of a magazine.