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Photo shoot plan


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Photo shoot plan

  1. 1. Photography & Photographic Practice Photography Shoot 1 Photographs to be taken – The purpose for my photoshoot is for a music magazine cover and double page spread. The genre of my magazine is Indie rock so I am going to be taking photographs of an indie looking teenager. I am going to take some photographs in the college studio and some outside to see which background/setting I like best. Location of Photo shoot – College photography studio, small bedroom and outside to get some natural light. Date & time of photo shoot– 28/01/14 2pm Equipment & Props neededGuitar, Guitar pick &Dark clothing/ doc martens. Techniques that will be used – Depth of Field and leading lines.
  2. 2. Place photos of a similar style here How light quality can be used to help convey the visual messageI’m going to use different types of light for example natural light on the shoot outside, studio light in the bedroom and the photography studio. Health and safety considerationsCheck traffic and weather on the day for outside shoot. Check the ground is safe- nothing around to fall over/ no glass and etc. around.