News Stories Review
I had to find 5 different news stories on the internet or in college and fill in a news gathering diar...
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News stories review


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News stories review

  1. 1. News Stories Review I had to find 5 different news stories on the internet or in college and fill in a news gathering diary which included certain information such as what the story is, the date it happened, the details, angle and the reporting team. Once completing this I had to choose one and make a bulletin from the information I had, I had to read it out and get feedback. After I completed this I had to make 3 of my own stories, I had to write up a script and research all the information which I needed to know. I produced mind maps, script templates and a final script before recording my news stories. When I finished my research I borrowed a voice recording kit from college to interview people. My first story is about student loans, I interviewed a Bolton University student on his thoughts about the costs and how he’s coping with the loan and I edited the interview together on reaper. I recorded a few minutes of questions and used around 40 seconds because that’s all I needed to give my audience the information they needed. I think this is the best news story which I’ve completed because it is clear and concise. The second news story is about wardens giving parking tickets on cars which are stranded behind a police car during a serious accident. I researched about what exactly happened, I looked at 2 news stories on the internet these were the news story about the wardens giving out parking tickets and the news story about the accident which happened. Instead of pre-paring an interview for this news story I wrote up a short bulletin which included a quote. The quote was from someone in the public, I edited the quote into my news story after I’d recorded my bulletin. I think this news story gives all the information out which it needs to, it includes where, what, who and when. If I was to do this again I would speak a little slower to make my news story to make it clear to my audience. The third news story is about how college sells more unhealthy food than healthy, I didn’t have to research on the internet for this news story. I walked around college to see how many places actually sell healthy food and the price difference between both healthy and unhealthy food. During this I interviewed a few staff and pupils about their opinion on this. I edited the interview together on reaper and used audio from two different interviews that I had recorded. Once I completed all of my news stories I created a survey on survey monkey to get feedback. The survey included questions like ‘do you think my news stories are concise?’, ‘Do you think my news stories are clear?’ and ‘Do you think I’ve included all the information needed in my news stories?’ I sent my survey to a few people in my class and some of my tutors to get feedback. From my survey results I have found that my news stories are concise, clear and informative. If I was to do this again I would spend a bit longer doing the research, because on some news stories I found that I didn’t know some things that got mentioned, mainly with the student’s loan news. Also I would make sure all of my recorded news is clear because some parts of my news stories aren’t as clear as they should be because of the quick talking.