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Comparing nme and q magazine

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Comparing nme and q magazine

  1. 1. Pull out quote. Mast Head Banner Cover Lines Centre Image- Direct mode of address Layering/ Background Main Cover line Price/ Date/ Barcode
  2. 2. Mast head Button Layering/ Background Cover Lines Centre ImageDirect mode of address. Look who’s backMain Cover Line Price/Date/Barcode
  3. 3. Similarities: • • • • • • • • • Both magazine’s are the same genre of music. Both have the same target audience. Both magazine’s have male musicians. Both magazine’s are eye-catching and could be remembered and recognised by the audience. The clothes worn by the musicians on both magazine’s are the same colours and they have similar facial expressions. Fonts on both magazine’s are similar. Capital letters are used on majority of cover lines on both magazines. Both main cover lines are in the same place. Both mast heads are in the same place.
  4. 4. Differences: • • • • Q magazine looks more organised than NME and the colour scheme on Q looks better than the colour scheme on NME. Q uses pull out quotes to catch the audiences attention. NME uses buttons to catch the audiences attention. On Q the cover lines are on the top and bottom where as on NME they’re down the right and left side.

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