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Art Appreciation: Intro to Art


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A brief introduction to what art is, who makes art, and where art can be found.

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Art Appreciation: Intro to Art

  1. 1. Art Appreciation 9:30AM-10:50AM, T, R, Professor Paige Prater
  2. 2. What is art?
  3. 3. Weigh-in… • “Art is not a thing --- it is a way.” – Elbert Hubbard (1908) • “Art is a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms suitable for human use.” – Frank Lloyd Wright
  4. 4. What is art? • BBC News clip, August 3, 2013 (3:38) • TED Talk by Chris Bangle (Feb 2002) on “Great cars are great art” (first 6 minutes) eat_cars_are_art.html
  5. 5. Where is art?
  6. 6. Who makes art?