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Media 2

  1. 1. By Paige Parker
  2. 2. Film ReviewFilm Poster
  3. 3. Two principle themes within my film are dysfunctionalrelationships in a family context and alcoholism. Alcoholismis a clear theme within the film and is shown by the mothersindulgent drinking at an early time of the day. This however is not a clear theme within either of my ancillary tasks. Both of the ancillary tasks have a clear focus on dysfunctional relationships in a family context. This can be seen in the review by the quote used “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression” and the image chosen which is similar to the image used in the film poster. These both show the main character of the film onhis own looking anything but happy. The combination of the three is used in what I believe to be a successful way as all three outline the main themes and issues within the film.
  4. 4. I think that although both of my ancillary tasks show the main themes and issues of the main product I do not believe that either of them are a clear reflection of the film. I believe that the poster works synergistically to present the film while the review draws attention to the film in a different way to promote the film but independently neither of the ancillary tasks are a clear reflection of the main product. The main reason that I believe this is because neither of the ancillary tasks show one of the most prominent themes within my film which is alcoholism
  5. 5. I think that my poster is effective in promoting my film in some ways. I used an original image rather then a shot for my film. I chose thisimage because I thought that it would intrigue the audience as to what was happening within the film and with the main character and cause them to watch the film. It also conveys one of the main themes therefore it will target the correct audience.
  6. 6. My poster following the conventions of a typical social realism poster it uses a close up of the protagonist, uses naturalistic lighting andunknown actors. All of the conventions in which I have used informs my audience of the genre of my main product. The position and facial expression of the protagonist informs my audience of one of the themes of my mainproduct which is dysfunctional relationships in a family context.
  7. 7. My review informs the audience ofthe plot of my main product, one of the main themes within my main product, the initial idea behind mymain product and people that took part in helping make my main product.
  8. 8. My poster reflects the issues in my main productthrough the positioning and facial expression of theprotagonist, Joshua Ridley, within the poster. Joshuais sitting with his back against a door with his handson his ears and has a screwed up facial expression.This implies to the audience that there is something going on outside the door which Joshua doesn‟t want to see or hear and due to the young age of the child and the fact that he is hiding in what appears to be a bedroom the audience can deduct that the reason he is in there is because of something going on within the house which links to my main theme of dysfunctional relationships in a family context.
  9. 9. I believe that my poster is a fairly clear reflection of my film, but I believe that it only goes as far as to clearly reflect the genre and one key issues within the film. I don‟t think that it does justice to the other main theme within the film but there is only so much that you can conveywithin a poster without it being over the top andI believe that the way in which I chose to do my poster was the best choice as it reflects two of the most important themes within my main product
  10. 10. The review attracts an audience by revealing plot and themes within the film therefore attracting an audience which are fans of things that happenwithin the plot or the themes within the film the way in which the poster attracts an audience iscompletely visual there is no specific information just the things that the poster suggests therefore the audience the poster attracts is an audience who isable to recognise a poster following the conventionsof social realism or an audience that feels that they would like the film as they are interested to know what will happen.
  11. 11. I believe that the review is not in any way biased. Throughout the majority of the review there is no direction for the article it is neither positive nor negative just simply recalls parts of the story andmy rationale behind the initial idea of the story. The only directional piece of this article is the last sentence which says „We are shown the deteriorating situation of Alfie‟s home life in asuccessful and dramatic way.‟ This is the only partof the review which could be seen as biased and I believe that this could have a positive impact onthe audience as the magazine is a well known film magazine. Therefore a positive review from themagazine could influence a fan to watch the film.
  12. 12. Rather then to guess the answer of this questionand try to answer it myself I decided to post thepicture on a popular social networking site and seeing what people thought.
  13. 13. From the comments from people onFacebok I can see that people develop the preconceptions that the film is either about child abuse/neglect or a horror film. Themajority of people who have comment have the right idea of what the film could be about as it does touch on child abuse/neglect.