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Columbus’ Evolution Theatre Opens Its Second LGBT-Focused Season _ OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE

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Columbus’ Evolution Theatre Opens Its Second LGBT-Focused Season _ OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE

  1. 1. 6/4/2016 Columbus’ Evolution Theatre Opens Its Second LGBT­Focused Season | OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE­evolution­theatre­opens­its­second­lgbt­focused­season/ 1/4 OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE Columbus’ Evolution Theatre Opens Its Second LGBT-Focused Season , , ,Creative Class Features Read This Just In! June 2, 2016 By Paige Johnson Columbus’ has announced its 2016 season of LGBT-themed productions. Season subscriptions are on sale now. Evolution Theatre Company Evolution started in 2011 and since 2015 has focused exclusively on LGTBQQIA material. The company, in association with CATCO, will start its season with the , which runs June 1-5 and June 8-12. Local Playwrights Festival The rst week will feature four short plays, all focused on LGBTQQIA issues and people in politics. They include by Cory Skurdal, by Amy Drake, by Sheldon Gleisser and by Jack Petersen. A Point of Diminishing Returns Alexander the Great in Love and War Vetted Shall I Run Again tells the story of Ulysses McKinley Rutherford Harding Gar eld Hayes III, an Ohio politician who throws out his speech notes and speaks from the heart at a poorly planned venue. A Point of Diminishing Returns
  2. 2. 6/4/2016 Columbus’ Evolution Theatre Opens Its Second LGBT­Focused Season | OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE­evolution­theatre­opens­its­second­lgbt­focused­season/ 2/4 portrays the historical gure’s thoughts on his deathbed, in particular those related to his partner, Hephaestion. Alexander the Great in Love and War concerns sitting Vice President Tobias Gatton as he picks over his own choices for a running mate. Congressman Gregory Highman is his rst choice, but Highman has a secret in his past that triggers concerns about right and wrong. Vetted , the president thinks over his past as he tries to decide whether to run for re-election. In Shall I Run Again The second week of the Local Playwright Festival will feature the premiere of Skurdal’s Sticks and Stones. The Columbus resident won the 2014 Greater Columbus Arts Council and CATCO Playwrights Fellowship Award. is the story of Kyle, a young transgender artist, and Janice, an arts critic. Janice gives Kyle’s work a poor review, and Kyle then posts online that Janice is a closeted lesbian. This leads to a court case that has both sides trying to understand themselves and each other. Sticks and Stones The festival is a pay-what-you-want event. Showtimes for the four short plays and are 8p on Wednesdays through Saturdays, with a 2p matinee on Sundays. Performances are at the Shedd Theater of the Columbus Performing Arts Center, 549 Franklin Ave., Downtown. Sticks and Stones Evolution begins its own productions after the festival concludes. Five plays will be staged over the course of ve months. The rst offering, running July 14-23, is the musical comedy, , about what happens when two Mormon missionaries ring the doorbell of the one and only Ethel Merman. The musical features both parodies and original music. It was written by Leo Schwartz and will be directed by Bryan Adam, with musical direction by Bryan Babcock. Book of Merman  
  3. 3. 6/4/2016 Columbus’ Evolution Theatre Opens Its Second LGBT­Focused Season | OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE­evolution­theatre­opens­its­second­lgbt­focused­season/ 3/4 From Aug. 4-7, Evolution will stage , directed by Greg Smith. , written by Michael Aman, tells the story of Edison, a young man with leukemia. Edison’s insurance will only cover his treatments if he is HIV- positive. Robert is an older man who happens to be HIV-positive. The relationship between the two men unfolds in a comedic, touching and unconventional love story. POZ POZ   , written by Matthew Lombardo, will be staged Sept. 15-24. It tells the true story of an eight-hour recording session with Tallulah Bankhead, which consisted of the legendary (and drunk) actress trying to record a single line. Recording the whole thing is lm editor Danny Miller. Bankhead grumbles through the recording session and toys with Miller as she grouses over her favorite subjects. Looped     by William Finn will run from Oct. 13-22. Finn is the composer behind Falsettos and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. This musical revue features both his music and stories from his life. Make Me a Song   The last offering of Evolution’s 2016 season is , written by Bixby Elliot. This wild, pop-music driven comedy tells the story of 17-year-old Cal as he tries to prove the homosexuality of his favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. Cal’s search takes him down a hysterical path and ultimately tests his theory that it’s better to be gay if you’re also famous. Abraham Lincoln Was a F*gg*t It runs from Nov. 10-19.   Evolution is selling subscriptions on its website, , for the
  4. 4. 6/4/2016 Columbus’ Evolution Theatre Opens Its Second LGBT­Focused Season | OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE­evolution­theatre­opens­its­second­lgbt­focused­season/ 4/4 2016 season. Tickets for individual performances for The Book of Merman, POZ, and Looped are also available online for $25. Tickets are $20 for people 60 and older and $15 for students with a valid ID.   Like this:  Like Be the first to like this.  Related Central Ohio Calendar of Events: June 2016 June 1, 2016 In "Calendar" CAMA: Aged to Perfection, SRO Approaches 30 Years of Celebrating Theatre - 07.30.2013 July 30, 2013 In "Creative Class" Around Ohio: Akron Unveils GG9 Sculpture; Cincinnati Bars Join Effen Boycott June 1, 2016 In "Features" POSTED BY BOB VITALE TAGGED WITH Columbus Evolution Theatre Company theater