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SSL NYLA conf ebooks2012


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This presentation was given at NYLA - SSL (section of school librarians) 2012. Now is the time to eRead-- the market is ready and waiting

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SSL NYLA conf ebooks2012

  1. 1. Putting the pieces together.Paige Jaeger, Coordinator for School Libraries,infolit4U@twitterLibrarydoor.blogspot.comMarie Rossi, CybrarianBallston Spa High School Images all used with permission, or are labeled for reuse via creative commons.
  2. 2. What worked yesterday, does not work today.
  3. 3. Not your mother’s library<> – used with permission
  4. 4. It’s a different animal:“I can buy a book and take it anywhere I want. I can read it in my house, my office, an airplane, or …[on]vacation. When I’m done reading it, I can sell the book, give it to a friend, or donate it to my library. I cannot do the same thing with ebooks, software, digital music, or video because of DRM.” -Librarian in Black…
  5. 5. #1 When should I try this?
  6. 6. Now is the time:
  7. 7. “Accommodate rather than equip.”
  8. 8. Millennials Internet Usage “In terms of 120 generations, Millennials 100 are by far the most likely group not only to own% of Millennials 80 60 most of the 40 devices…, but also to take 20 0 advantage of a wider range of functions.”
  9. 9. #2What type Online library Models are there?
  10. 10. Many Types… EBSCO Overdrive… Digitized digital Archives GALE popular downloadabl e books Library CatalogLOC Discovery Amazon Station! WATTPAD Google Books Marshal Cavendish, etc.
  11. 11. No DRM… paid & password
  12. 12. New Models annually…
  13. 13. Free…, GoogleBooks, & more
  14. 14. • Overdrive • Follett ShelfDRM • EBSCO – Net LibraryHybrid • Subscription vs. purchaseModels
  15. 15. Changing Face of Lending: • Google Books Free • Wattpad • More… • No Digital Rights Mgmt. Paid & • Gale, Sharp, & more Password
  16. 16. • Some hosted & read on web Mixed • Some downloaded • Some transferred to device Models • Tumblebooks • BookflixWannaBees • Subscription libraries
  17. 17. From: Pew Internet Studies-
  18. 18. #3Where do I start ?Let the walls fall down!
  19. 19. Realize…you alreadyhave…
  20. 20. ePub (also know by: EPUB, .epub, or other variationsMake your own… on capitalization) is a free and open standard for for eBooks (electronic books) maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The ePub file format was designed to be open (anyone can use it or create it) and re-flowable (the text can be re-sized and re-arranged to suite whatever display its being read on). Ideally, it will catch on as the standard for ebooks
  21. 21. What is Convince my current them and situation?market your idea! Assess Do we Implement Possess? have anything eReady? Plan! Aggregate What might What are be out there already for possible free that I can funding add to my catalog? sources?
  22. 22.  30 districts  84 libraries  66 librarians Leverage together for discounted rates, if possible Overdrive: Single district is $4000.00 to start (includes $2000. content credit to start) “Can we buy books for the library that only our kids can check out?” …Marie Rossi 2009
  23. 23. Points to consider:Can database funds be reallocated, if no new money can be found?Can we forgo print purchases for one year, to launch virtual download?Can we develop a campaign to build a virtual library?Are there Title I funds available to build a collection supporting classified students (as a jumpstart)?Can this be funded via technology funds? (think partnership)
  24. 24. • Audio formats allow SE students to “read” what their peers are reading. • Listening level is higher than reading level IEP • Decoding done by audio, while students read increases comprehension and fluency. •Fluency modeledLiteracy • Smartboard as delivery tool in large classroom • One district purchased iPods for the athletic dept Tool
  25. 25. Caveats: Not everyone is there Learning curve Digital Divide Public domain, Google Get in the game Books, DRM; are still Salesmen are sharks! evolving. Don’t wait for a standard format. If you don’tMove your focus from deliver, someone else device  delivery will
  26. 26. “I want to do Overdrive, but I don’t want my students to checkout theblood, guts, sex, and more. I don’t even want them to see that.” -Sue, Elementary Librarian 2010 Sure. We can do that.
  27. 27. ‘Hot spots in most of our libraries. Threedistricts are wireless throughout the buildings.
  28. 28. #4What are some examples of how ebooks are being used in schools now?
  29. 29. Let the digital reading begin!Spring usage:Hartford is one of our smallrural farm districts with only500 students in the district.
  30. 30. Examples of Use