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Digital footprints& datamining


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You Can Run, But You Can't Hide! - How far should the government regulate the Internet? -Has data mining gone too far? (Great secondary research project.) Digital footprint makeover handouts available at: Find ideas for classroom instruction, also, on this wikispace.

This presentation was a breakout session at WLMA14 and has been updated to reflect recent revelations on medical information mining. We did not even get to discuss the EDUCATIONAL DATA MINING that is occurring on our students and children! Caveat!

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Digital footprints& datamining

  1. 1. Paige Jaeger infolit4U@twitter Digital Footprints… You can run, but you can’t hide!
  2. 2. What do you think is currently being “data-mined "about you?
  3. 3. What’s going on? And is it right? What you don’t know, can hurt you.
  4. 4. Data is being collected people are making money you have a profile
  5. 5. Data is being collected Data Mining…
  6. 6. Photo from FACEBOOK.COM/zuck “Desire for privacy needs to be ‘outgrown.” “Desire for privacy needs to be ‘outgrown.” “[The founding fathers] conferred… the right to be left alone -- the right most valued by civilized “[The founding fathers] conferred… the right to be left alone -- the right most valued by civilized men.” men.” Justice Louis Brandeis Photo:
  7. 7. Millennials…
  8. 8. Data Mining …the basics “Get over it.” – Marc Zuckerberg
  9. 9. Scraping Facebook (#1 for exposure) LinkedIn Amazon eBay, etc. +11,000 top traveled sites Speed of light…
  10. 10. Are you aware? i l . c o Scraping r t y @ ema a i n f o p m Weblining •You are in a “cluster” •Your credit limits may be increased or decreased based upon your “cluster” Redlining:Mortgages Weblining:Credit
  11. 11. Datamining …basics “Digital vacuum cleaner on steroids….” -Lori Andrews
  12. 12. Why? Justification: “To “optimize” your experience.” “To personalize your platform.” “To reduce your search time.” Cookies are Cookies are not a sometimes not a sometimes food food
  13. 13. Data Mining… the basics Deep Packet Inspection Legally reading your emails “Like the Post Office opening your mail.” - Elise Cooper Deep Packet Inspection You can write, buy, view, and send items on the Internet with no intention of people knowing your business, but the truth is they not only know this, but they archive and sell it.
  14. 14. Have you noticed…
  17. 17. Google History…how far back do they go?
  18. 18. Log in to your account Click on “go to web history”
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Geolocation Advertising! You can run, but you can’t hide…
  21. 21. Covert middleman informant = ISP The right to privacy is lost by your keystroke – One judge ruled
  22. 22. Who’s the bandit? High-Tech Wild West Majority of these do not ask permission Majority of these do not ask permission American Express: American Express recently announced a collaboration with Knowledge Base Marketing, Inc. …records of 175 million Americans, which it will combine with records of consumer purchases from American Express. This compilation will then be used to help companies conduct targeted marketing campaigns. American Express is not planning to specifically notify its cardholders about this operation. < publications/articles/privacy-data-mining-on-the-internet>
  23. 23. Facebook – AKA info bandit 1.8 Billion in advertising revenue in 2010 ~12 Billion Revenue in 2014 Turning your personal info into a profit stream… A must read m
  24. 24. “Private Browsing” ? “Zombie cookies”
  25. 25. Before… The wake up call Simple FB search Google data mine examination Pipl search Personas Only2clicks (adults) Inability to separate data from owners of the same name
  26. 26. THE WHY: They’re making money on you BILLIONS
  27. 27. Behavioral Advertising?
  28. 28. Data Mining at its’ best? rhill/2012/02/16/how-target-figured- out-a-teen-girl-was-pregnant- before-her-father-did/
  29. 29. Digital diagnosis You and your personal profile
  30. 30. VOLUNTEERS?
  31. 31. HOTSEAT? Not your grandmothe Not your grandmothe r’s r’s Whitepages! Whitepages!
  32. 32. Diagnosis: Sick and inaccurate Your digital profile, not likely accurate Subject to an inaccurate algorithm Digital Makeover ?
  33. 33. What is our role as educators? =79IYZVYIVLA
  34. 34. Digital Makeover 101 COPPA laws - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act = data and identity CIPA laws = filter  Responsibility  student’s …NOT the district’s  http: // News alert: FACEBOOK thinks that ‘like’ buttons should be exempt from COPPA
  35. 35. COPPA The commission has proposed clarifying COPPA rules (PDF) to include not only Web sites, but other "online services" such as mobile apps, network-connected games, and text messages. The FTC has also proposed a more expansive definition of personal information to include IP addresses, device identifiers, and geolocation information.
  37. 37. Digital Cyber-safety Courses …
  38. 38. GUIDING Questions  What is a digital footprint?  How is a digital footprint created?  How may your life be affected by your footprint?  Why should you care about your footprint?  Do you think your digital footprint is: Good, bad or Ugly ?  What could you do to clean it up?  WHAT MIGHT ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE?  WHAT MIGHT HARM YOUR IMAGE? Create a list of these things on the Smartboard
  39. 39. where/How you leave footprints GOOD HARMFUL • Photos and videos of you doing activities for school and community • Positive comments about you from others • Cool things you created for school or for fun • Embarrassing or humiliating comments or photos • Hints of drug or alcohol use • References to illegal or bad behavior • Personal information that you shared in confidence with someone • Photos that were taken without your consent The Assignment: Checking on our digital footprint
  40. 40. So why should you care if your footprint is ugly?
  41. 41. Terese Brennan, Cambridge HS Librarian
  42. 42. Resources: • NY Times: How Companies Learn Your Secrets html?pagewanted=all&_r=1& • Forbes: How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did out-a-teen-girl-was-pregnant-before-her-father-did/ • What’s the difference between IvP6 and IvP4?: nce.html • Albrecht, Katherine and McIntyre, Liz. How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move. 2005. also: • Andrews, Lori. I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did. Simon & Schuster. 2012. • Footprint photo credit: • •