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Retail industry : les principales tendances du recrutement


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Our executive summary will quickly put you in the picture on trends in the retail sector.

Which countries are experiencing retail sector growth? Where are retail employers experiencing skills shortages? What steps are they taking to reduce staff turnover? What qualities are they looking for in their retail managers?
It’s all covered in this infographic.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Retail industry : les principales tendances du recrutement

  1. 1. GLOBAL INSIGHTS TRENDS, RECRUITMENT AND REMUNERATION IN THE RETAIL SECTOR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Fashion retailers are demanding higher calibre of candidates, with exceptional commercial acumen, in order to ensure stores can compete with online retailers Online is central to retailers marketing mix and many are now building on this with the implementation of in store integration such as mobile, click & collect and beacon advertising Retailers have had to focus on the in-store experience to provide a point of difference to online. This may include heavy discounting, increased customer service and significantly increasing in-store visual merchandising The sector has seen huge growth continue in shopping centres and many retailers are striking large scale deals with multiple centres from single leasing teams The ability to inspire large scale teams, exceptional commercial acumen and knowledge of industry trends are some of the key skills desired by retailers With the dominance of online and mobile, retailers have had to adapt their supply chain systems to cater for the new 24/7 nature of the industry A shortage of talent in the market has seen retailers increasingly needing the support of specialist recruitment partners to identify and attract key talent Both global and local retailers are focusing more on training and employer value programmes to reduce staff turnover