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What Damages Can You Receive After a Car Accident


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Learn what kind of damages you can receive after being injured in a car accident in Ontario, as well as who you can sue and why you should sue.

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What Damages Can You Receive After a Car Accident

  1. 1. What Damages Can You Receive After A Car Accident?
  2. 2. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in Ontario, but many people don't realize that they could be entitled to more compensation than offered by insurance.
  3. 3. Damages from a car accident personal injury lawsuit could include: Medical bills Prescription medication Home care and rehabilitation expenses Housekeeping expenses Pain and suffering Lost income Caregiver costs
  4. 4. Common injuries from car crashes can include: Whiplash Spinal cord injury, including paralysis Traumatic brain injury Concussion Broken bones Burns
  5. 5. Insurance companies often do not offer enough compensation to cover all of your medical bills and related expenses, such as help around the house and lost income from being out of work. Damages from a personal injury lawsuit can help you get back on your feet and recover without financial stress.
  6. 6. You can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against an uninsured motorist to retrieve damages that you could not obtain from insurance alone.
  7. 7. Distracted driving Driving under the influence Drowsy driving Poorly maintained and dangerous road conditions Some of the most common causes of car accidents in Ontario include:
  8. 8. You can sue the government for an accident that was directly caused by dangerous road conditions arising from improper maintenance, for example: Snow or ice on the road that should have been cleared in a timely manner Stop signs concealed by overgrowth that should have been trimmed down Non-functioning traffic lights Debris in the road that should have been cleared in a timely manner
  9. 9. Why call Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers? We have a track record for helping our clients successfully obtain significant compensation after being injured in a car accident. Our entire team believes in a compassionate approach, and will keep you informed of your case's status every step of the way.
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