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Product Liability: Gadolinium Toxicity


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Learn about how gadolinium toxicity arising from MRI scans with contrast, including symptoms and your legal options. Gadolinium is known to be toxic in people with kidney problems, but it has recently shown to cause health issues in people with functioning kidneys as well.

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Product Liability: Gadolinium Toxicity

  1. 1. PRODUCT LIABILITY CASES: Gadolinium Toxicity Presented by Hickey Law Firm
  2. 2. Gadolinium is a metallic substance often used in contrast dyes to help make MRI images clearer.
  3. 3. 1 in 3 patients who undergo an MRI do so with contrast.�
  4. 4. If you have multiple MRIs with contrast, your risk of retaining gadolinium goes up. Gadolinium deposits can be toxic to the human body.
  5. 5. Symptoms of gadolinium toxicity include: Pain in extremities or joints Weakness or twitching of muscles Tinnitus Problems with swallowing or speaking Balance issues Hair loss and skin issues Cognitive issues
  6. 6. Gadolinium is well known to cause severe symptoms in patients with kidney problems. However, recent evidence suggests that gadolinium toxicity can affect anyone.
  7. 7. The FDA has issued a new warning for gadolinium based contrast dyes, but many innocent patients have already been affected.
  8. 8. All of us at the Hickey Law Firm are on your side. If you have experienced gadolinium toxicity symptoms, call us as soon as possible.
  9. 9. Mr. Hickey... is the only attorney who cared enough and saw possible potential in my case to speak with me directly. [...] Words do not express my appreciation to Mr. Hickey Esq. He has been nothing but honest and kind with me.
  10. 10. CONTACT US 305-371-8000