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Mobile webinarslides


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Mobile webinarslides

  2. 2. Meet Meg Internet Marketing Consultant● B.S. in Marketing from the University of Colorado● M.B.A. from the University of Colorado● Marketing, Publicity, and Promotions for various clients (New Line Cinema, Hersheys, and others 2005 - 2010)● Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions 2011 - Present● Avid skier and lover of Colorado sunshine!
  3. 3. Meet Mike SEO Specialist● B.S. Degree in Human Factors (UI design) Univ. of Nebraska● Computer Graphics/Graphic Design Cert., UCLA● Webmaster for Phoenix Software International 1999-2006● SEO Page 1 Solutions 2009 - present
  4. 4. The Case for Mobile● “Mobile web use will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015” - Mashable Tech● Currently 5 mobile devices for every PC - MobiThinking● Mobile Searches have quadrupled over the last year. - MobiThinking● US consumers prefer mobile web sites to mobile apps for finding local information - MobiThinking
  5. 5. Are people really searching?● 82% of mobile users use the Internet to research and read the news● 89% use their smartphones for Internet searches throughout the day● In one week, 81% of smartphone users browsed the Internet, 77% used a search engine Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  6. 6. Top 3 Reasons Users Search on a SmartphoneTo get information on the goSearch for information when not infront of a computerNeed to search something asquickly as possible Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  7. 7. "40% of users would visit acompetitors site because of a disappointing mobile experience" Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  8. 8. What happens after they find you? ● 61% of users called the business● 88% of users will take action within the same day Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  9. 9. App or Site?● Should have your Mobile Site first● App only if there is a need for it to engage your customers● U.S. consumers prefer local search● Apps need to be downloaded and installed
  10. 10. Mobile Traffic to Dental Sites 7.8%
  11. 11. Mobile Traffic to Legal Sites 5.1%
  12. 12. Mobile Traffic to Plastic Surgery Sites 11.81%Percentage of total traffic from mobiledevices on a random sample of 10 plasticswebsites.
  13. 13. Mobile Traffic to Ophthalmology Sites 7.82%
  14. 14. How Has Mobile Traffic Changed? 25.14% 10.9% 11.74% 8.55% 13.53% 9.49% 9.01% 5.65% 3.5% 3.31% 5.39% 1.82%
  15. 15. What About Conversion Rates?
  16. 16. Percentage of Total Email Conversions 3.91% 19.41% 10.9% 6.67%
  17. 17. Mobile Search:What You Need To Know
  18. 18. Mobile vs. Desktop Web Sites vs. "Just because you can see your desktop site on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly." - HowToGoMo.comWhen a user visits a mobile web site, they need tofind what they are looking for quickly, as well ascontact or locate your office as efficiently aspossible.
  19. 19. Mobile vs. Desktop Web Sites Its About Designing for user intentSimplicity rules● Mobile site needs to be "thumb friendly"● Design for Visibility ○ Avoid scrolling and pinch to zoom ○ Fast loading graphics● Lighter content/graphics ○ Focus on conversion ○ Prioritize content ○ Use bullet points
  20. 20. Mobile vs. Desktop Web Sites Its About Designing for user intentSimplicity rules (Continued)● Condensed Navigation ○ Rule of 7 - Seven links or fewer per page of navigation● Make it Local ○ Include maps & directions● Take advantage of smartphone features ○ Click to call ○ Click to map
  21. 21. Mobile vs. Desktop
  22. 22. Mobile SEO● Similar to desktop web site optimization ○ Same file types ○ On & off page SEO best practices apply ■ Mobile specific directories● Mobile browser detection & redirects ○ Serve the best possible version of your web site to the client● Consider video ○ Boosts conversion, easy for user to view● Simplified keywords ○ Using predictive search as a guide
  23. 23. Mobile OptimizationPredictive search in action
  24. 24. Want more information on Mobile Websites?Feel free to contact our Sales and Marketing Specialist Andrew Vojslavek at: or 303-396-1211