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  1. 1. Now consider how your life is going to changeand improve when you have mastered How to do a Resume that you can update, use over and over as you go on to BETTER PROSPECTS & MORE MONEY from each new and better job….free online resume
  2. 2. As a potential employer reading Resumes is tedious and you know almostinstantly whether the Resume is going to reveal details of a worthy candidateStarting today you can overcome all of this and set yourself apart from theothers when you take up my offer… Whether your starting out, downsized,changing career or in mid-career the principals are the same You can makechange happen by mastering the two key elements of any job application
  3. 3. 1 Create a Resume that grabs their attention, creates interest and makesthem feel compelled to call you to interview 2
  4. 4. Write a Cover Letter for each job application that lines up your Resume withthe vacancy, compelling the reader to study your Resume Applying online oron paper the objectives and principals are the same Lets first deal with - Howto do a Resume
  5. 5. Remember the #1 objective of your Resume is - to get you called to interviewYou will do this by writing your Resume in the correct format with informationabout you in the right order making maximum impact using easy to read powerwording In the How to do a Resume guide you will be exclusively shown asimple method for analyzing where you are in your present or last job and inyour life so you write your Resume in a totally positive way, using the dynamicwording that demonstrates what you have done and what you are going on tobe able to offer to a new employer
  6. 6. We also include sample Resumes for real life jobs that you can follow or useso that writing your Resume will be much easier and quicker Heres more ofwhat youll include in your power Resume; 1 Correct order of information -always make sure the all important information about you is in the right orderso your Resume is easier to read 2 Professional looking Resume - thesamples and guidance show you how to create your own professional Resumethat will help you win your interviews
  7. 7. 3 What to include and what to exclude from your Resume - getting thisbalance right is always difficult but achieving the optimum length for free onlineresume your Resume is critical Follow the guide and samples and you will getit exactly right in your own words
  8. 8. 4 Correct set up of your Resume - you will use your Resume to apply forvarious jobs and may need to slightly change the set up for each By followingthe guide and samples you will be able to write your Resume to suit each jobyou are applying for
  9. 9. Follow the guide and you will be able to create the best possible Resume sothat you can give yourself the best chance of winning the target job
  10. 10. free online resume