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  1. 1. Linux video tutorials show you step-by-step how to use Linux.Linux VPS
  2. 2. They are an excellent, easy and fast way to get started at learningLinux Get the Linux training you need - online or on CD - the easyway! Linux video tutorials show you step-by-step how to use LinuxThey are an excellent, easy and fast way to get started at learningLinux Getting Linux Running - So You Can Learn How to Use Linux!Get Linux and start the Linux OS (operating system) on yourcomputer system
  3. 3. This will get you to the Linux desktop, where you can: run Linuxsoftware programs and open a terminal emulation window LinuxTips: To get Linux running, you can: boot with a Linux live cd (veryfast and easy), use a free Linux player program to run Linux inWindows (also fast and relatively easy), install Linux on a Windowssystem (more complicated and time consuming) or install Linux on anew system (a good way to go!) From the Linux desktop, open aterminal emulation window, so you can go to the Linux command lineprompt and run Linux commands Linux Tips: To open a terminalemulation window from the Linux desktop, to run Linux commands:click on the "Terminal" icon (that looks like a computer screen) - orright-click on the desktop and select "Linux Terminal" or "LinuxConsole" (or similar) - or look through the menus and select "LinuxTerminal" or "Linux Console" (or similar)
  4. 4. Running Linux Video Tutorials from CD in Linux Now put in the CDthat contains the Linux video tutorials This causes a Linux VPS CDicon to appear on your Linux desktop Double-click on the CD icon to"open" it and then double-click on the index html file that appears
  5. 5. This will run your browser and display the list of Linux video tutorials To watch a Linux video, you just click on the name of the videotutorial, such as "How to Run Linux in Windows", or "Running Linuxfrom a Live CD / DVD", or "How to Use Linux Commands" - and thetutorial runs in the browser (in Linux) So, now you have a Linuxvideo running in your browser and you also have a terminalemulation window open so you can run Linux commands
  6. 6. Learning Linux with Video Tutorials to Get Real Practical ExperienceYourself! Now heres the best part about using Linux video tutorialsto get Linux training Not only do you get to watch the Linux videosso you can see and hear how to use Linux, but you also get to"follow along" as the videos are playing, to use a Linux desktop torun Linux software programs and most importantly - you can watchand try Linux commands! Just start a Linux video, such as "How toRun the Linux find Command" and watch a bit of how to run thecommand - step-by-step Then click on the pause button
  7. 7. Hold down the Alt key (at the left of the spacebar on your keyboard)and press the Tab key to go to the Linux terminal emulation window(where you get to the Linux command line prompt to run Linuxcommands) Now try the Linux command you have just seen - andexperiment a bit! Then hold down Alt and press Tab and go to theLinux video window Now watch a bit more of the Linux video andlearn some more options of the command
  8. 8. Then press Alt+Tab again to go to the Linux command line promptin the Linux window and try the new Linux command options And soon An easy and excellent way to get real, practical Linux training!
  9. 9. Linux VPS