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  1. 1. I read hundreds of resumes a week, and too many of them are flawed on a basic level. The following is a quick guide to get your resume started. This guide is not meant to make your resume jump off the page. This guide is meantto make sure your resume makes it into the pile and is not lost once it gets there.free online resume
  2. 2. First, know what you want Only you know your expertise and howyou would like to use it, so make sure your resume reflects the typeof position you are looking for If you are open to a few differenttypes of positions, you might consider making a couple of resumesEmployers often shy away from those who "can do it all " Provide allcontact information
  3. 3. What does your mother call you? That should be the name on yourresume Do not use your full name - Your name is not as common
  4. 4. as you think - List the dates of your employment as free onlineresume well as the dates of your education - Tell us where youmight consider relocating to
  5. 5. - Tell us how much travel you are comfortable with - Set yourselfapart, but do so with content Do not use silly font, CAPS, orannoying formatting - One page is generally not enough
  6. 6. If you can fit your entire self into one page, great If you need twopages, use them - Use spell check - And finally, get a friend orthree to read your resume and provide honest feedback
  7. 7. A few extra pairs of eyes can catch something you might missDistribution and Networking: You will find plenty of job boards whichyou can post your resume to We all know the big ones:CareerBuilder and Monster, but be sure to post your resume on ALLrelevant boards Posting your resume on just one board is really notenough
  8. 8. You need to paper the town, state, country world? with yourresume
  9. 9. Ten minutes on CareerBuilder is not going to cut it There are aplethora of great job boards available Dice is a great technical jobboard, and is also one of the biggest Ceweekly, a contractemployment job board, is a great place to post your resume andsearch for jobs if you are a career contractor
  10. 10. Another gem is Jobvertise is small, but it is a great place to postyour credentials for employers as registered employers can viewyour resume for free (e-mail is hidden) The list goes on and on Justrun a search for industry specific boards One of the best new places
  11. 11. to build a network is LinkedIn
  12. 12. The first thing you should do after polishing off your resume shouldbe to transfer your work history into a LinkedIn profile and BUILDYOUR NETWORK! While you can use LinkedIn as a job board,LinkedIn is primarily a networking tool Because LinkedIn is anetworking tool, you are able to have your credentials out therewithout actively seeking new employment This is great for thosewho are always interested in something better but do not want thebombardment of emails and phone calls from recruiters and hiringmanagers which are associated with the traditional job boards
  13. 13. free online resume