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  1. 1. In today’s technology-driven world, all companies or organizations, irrespective of theblue ocean strategy
  2. 2. nature of business, need someone to manage their InternetMarketing campaigns to boost the growth of business In thisregard, search engine optimization (SEO) forms a very commonstrategy adopted by people for which they hire professionals to takecare of their sites’ rankings in the search engines likeYahoo, Google, Bing, MSN and many others When talkingabout professionals who are experts in web-related services, youshould be careful in choosing a one for your website and underno circumstances you should fall prey to ‘self-proclaimedexperts’ of the domain
  3. 3. So it is always advisable for you to do your home work as far asyour requirements are concerned and do full research and analysisbefore giving green signal to anybody to start doing SearchEngine Optimization for your website An Internet MarketingCompany adopts strategies designed to enhance traffic to yourwebsite by using significant keywords, or regularly entered searchterms, in your website’s content While some companieshave their own dedicated in-house manpower assigned with thetask of web-marketing activities like Search Engine Optimization,Social Media Optimization, Link Building, Pay Per Click or PPCManagement and so on, while several others prefer to go to anexpert SEO company
  4. 4. The higher your website’s rankings appear in search engines,the blue ocean strategy chances are more to get business andrevenue increased Internet Marketing companies are specialized inSEO, SMO services and are supposed to spend the timerequired to perform the job systematically As an expert in thisdomain, the company also knows suitable methods to be applied tospecific search engines since an average business owner maynot have knowledge of Internet marketing
  5. 5. So while small players may be tempted to minimize costs bymanaging activities on their own, if web traffic is important to thehealth of the business, it actually does require investing moneyin order to earn money There are a number of websites that willhelp you find suitable Internet Marketing services, but beforehunting for companies, the foremost thing you can do is to gathersome knowledge about these services yourself It will provehighly advantageous for you if you know little bit about every keyresponsible areas like SEO, SMO, PPC Management, linkBuilding and others
  6. 6. Only by knowing the common techniques, industry standards, andethical and unethical methods will you be able to ask questionsand get the desired results While surfing on Internet andreading about Internet articles or attending a seminar, you canlearn a lot about these services in detail Internet MarketingCompany helps your business and products reach out to millions ofpeople using Internet in an effective manner which iscost-effective as well
  7. 7. The services like Link Building and PPC Management are akind of effective advertising that helps you grab businessopportunities across the globe while sitting at home Apart from thatplacing reciprocal links to other websites boost your credibility
  8. 8. If visitors see that reputed websites have a link to yours, itcreates a good impression leading to recognition and popularityfor your business
  9. 9. blue ocean strategy