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  1. 1. For some people, one of the most painful things on earth is to lead a single life. However, there arethousands or even millions of people worldwide who are single and are in real frustration but claim to be quite happy to lead a single life. Some people cannot help being single because they cannot express themselves to the persons they like or they may have not found someone who suits their
  2. 2. Lots of people try hard and spend their time in trying to find the rightpartner for them The failure to find the right partners for them can getfrustrating or even upsetting for some people However, some peoplehave turned to the internet to find love using a dating website Datingwebsites allow someone to talk and arrange meetings with another userwho has caught their interest These sites usually require a user toregister with the site, make a profile and then search through the serviceto find a possible partner
  3. 3. One advantage for using a dating website is that someone can identifythe purpose of what another person is looking for More often than not,people who are visiting dating sites are in need of a partner too They arenot there just to pass their time or to make fun of other members As bothparties are there to find dating partners, its likely that it requires nodifficulty to find a match between 2 different users Online dating websitescan be a convenient method of finding dating partners
  4. 4. It is not always possible to find dating partners while walking through thestreets In fact, those days of having love at first sight in the streets arevirtually gone Traditions change and this is a fact The traditional ways offinding dating partners are also changing
  5. 5. People who were around fifty years ago could hardly believe that findingdating partners via the Internet or dating services would be possibleWhilst there are some comparisons between dating websites and socialnetworking sites, there are some differences Yes, social networking sitesare effective in making bonds with others However, social networkingsites are used for variety of purposes and not only for finding datingpartners
  6. 6. Dating sites do share the same basic purpose however they are refinedand tweaked to help its members find a partner online To conclude,dating websites can help the users to find their partner they have beenlooking for However, one needs to be careful site and should take his orher time in finding a partner for a relationship
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