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  1. 1. Direct crematories are facilities that are licensed to cremate the remains of the deceased without a traditional memorialservice. You may decide to keep the ashes in a decorative urn at home.
  2. 2. Cremation is incineration of the remains of a deceased individual It iscurrently the second most popular way of dealing with the remains ofdeceased persons, after traditional burials Cremation dates back to thereligious practices of ancient cultures, and has been adapted to the burialpractices of several religions and cultures in present times It can be moreeconomical than traditional funerals and burials, and has even been touted asbeing more environmentally friendly, especially in more heavily populatedareas where space at cemeteries is at a premium
  3. 3. After the cremation, portions of the ashes are usually placed in a containercalled an urn and kept by family members as a celebration of the life of a lovedone Sometimes the family decides to keep the ashes in a columbarium—aspecial niche for urns where the ashes are on permanent display Somefamilies choose to scatter the ashes ceremonially in a place where thedeceased liked to spend time while alive What is Direct Cremation? Directcrematories are facilities that are licensed to cremate the remains of thedeceased without a traditional memorial service
  4. 4. The family is usually present at the beginning of the process to pay theirrespects, but have decided not to have a traditional funeral or memorialservice Different direct cremation providers will have different prices, practicesand choices for consideration Some offer more options than others, so it iswise to check out several facilities before making a final decision
  5. 5. Never make your choice based on cost alone, as it can often lead todisappointment  Also be sure the facility operates with the highest degree ofdignity and professionalism following a strict code of ethics How Can You beCertain the Cremated Remains You Receive are Your Loved Ones? Thisquestion leads back to the answer given above - always make sure the directcremation service operates with professionalism and within a strict code ofethics
  6. 6. Ask questions and also find out about private family viewing andfamily-witnessed cremation as a method of identification What to do After theCremation There are several things you can do with the ashes and urn afterthe cremation A few of them are: Scatter the ashes in a place that would havebeen special to the deceased
  7. 7. For instance, if the person enjoyed sitting on abench by the ocean, the ashes could be scattered near that spot Or if theperson enjoyed a photograph of mountains, you could scatter them in themountains during a hike You may decide to keep the ashes in a decorativeurn at home
  8. 8. If you go with this choice, there are many styles of urns to choose from, withoptions made of metal, pottery, glass, and wood Some people even maketheir own urns Another option for keeping the ashes of a loved one is to havea small portion enclosed in a piece of custom made jewelry
  9. 9. This option is gaining in popularity, and any good jewelry maker should becompetent enough to handle a request for pendants, necklaces, charms,bracelets, broaches, etc This option also makes it possible for many familymembers to have jewelry made as a memorial keepsake Article Tags:, ,
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