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  1. 1. Article describes the new use of artificial boxwood balls in decorative uses ranging from home entrance to garden usage.
  2. 2. Boxwood Balls are new design tools that decorators are choosing thisChristmas season These green blobs are great for livening up a hallway ordecorating a space outdoors Since they are artificial, this type of boxwood balldoes not need any maintenance or water Simply place ball where it needs togo and enjoy
  3. 3. Planters are great resting places for these round objects as well as pots andon top of decorative wood sticks Some retailers are creating artificial boxwoodtopiaries to combing these green objects with some type of decorative wood ormilled wooden bowl The effect that people are looking for is something that isfresh, makes people smile and has contrasting colors One look at a décorstore this afternoon made it readily apparent that almost all décor items arebrown, black or some type of bronze
  4. 4. This may be ready to change, as a little more green is ready to roll on thescene Artificial Boxwood balls can be used both indoors and outdoors Theoutdoor varieties should be made of U V
  5. 5. resistant material so that he high-density plastics will no fade Businessowners are dressing up their work places with these green orbs in combinationwith other types of artificial foliage These products go well with boxwood bushand boxwood hedge mat These products can all be purchase now atreasonable prices online
  6. 6. The price of the balls is goes up the larger and denser they get Some storesprovide quantity discounts are the products can now be found on thecomparison-shopping engines Boxwood balls can come in many sizes These sizes range from 3 inches to 24 inches indiameter
  7. 7. Density of artificial foliage may vary from store to store and from product toproduct Usually the denser varieties are easy to snap together and create theball Others find uses in the balls by leaving these ornamental pieces in halvesThey can hide unwanted areas on a wall or yard and provide a conversationpiece for those who are tired of talking about the weather
  8. 8. For those who worry about the balls blowing away in the wind, tie a small rockto the bottom of the boxwood ball and let it hang in the pot Other attachmentdevises are available and only the imagination will limit the uses of thedesirable decoration The product provided by Geranium Street Floral isalways top quality and is usually in stock
  9. 9. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find the product in stock after theyhave called some of the largest competitors in the business finding they wereout In addition to service, the price that you will find is very competitive andwill often bring a project that is way over budget in line and let the creativedesigner work with a medium that is often unavailable or just way to overpriced Working with boxwood balls is fun
  10. 10. Try all the artificial boxwood hedge products at Geranium Street Floral byvesting: http://www boxwoodballs com2 Article Tags: , ,
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