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  1. 1. Are you using digital antennas for capturing the over-to-air transmission signals? If yes, then definitely you must be quite aware of the challenges as faced by the individuals who are currently dealing with poor television reception problems. To name some of the reception problems as faced by them are blurry images, picture reflections, picture freezing, poor sound effects, wavy lines and co-channel interferences. Now you must be thinking that you have alreadydealt with either one of these or might be all of the aforesaid issues while watching your favorite primetime programs.dipole
  2. 2. All these above problems actually come under the purview ofreception related issues By the term "television reception" we meanhow well your television is able to broadcast the transmitted signalsSuppose, if you are residing next to the broadcasting station, thenyou will be able to receive better reception
  3. 3. This will happen all because of the reason that there will be nobarrier which will be hindering the way of the transmitted signalcaptured by your television antennas system On the other hand, thefarther you will be from the transmitting tower, the more is thepossibilities to receive fuzzy and distorted signals Emerging tallbuildings, trees, distance from the broadcasting station, and someother factors interfere with the transmission signals
  4. 4. There are some ways through which you can improve the receptionof your installed antenna Check the cable you have been using sofar: You need to check the cable that has been connected to yourantenna, so as to find out the loose connection if there is any If youbeen using the same cable since long, then there are chances that itcan come off over certain time period provided it's not attachedproperly
  5. 5. Get them replaced as soon as possible with the assistance of theTV antenna installers as this might be one of the reasons behindpoor reception problem Get a new splitter: You should try to use anew and better quality splitter in order to split your TV antenna signal Change the direction and location of your antenna fromtime-to-time: Another important thing that you need to consider isthat you must change the direction and location of your antenna forgetting improved reception
  6. 6. dipole For improved results always try to adjust your aerial Whileusing outdoor antennas, you should always try to add a motorizedrotator unit along with it This will help you in adjusting the directionof the television antennas without any requirement for you to climbup to the rooftop
  7. 7. Get the signal booster installed: In order to improve your televisionreception another thing you can do is the installation of signalboosters along with your aerial These boxes are installed insuccession with the antennas, which along with the signal amplifierboost up the signal strength to a larger extent Do not try to boost thesignal too much because over amplifying could result in most awfulimage quality
  8. 8. Upgrade your antenna: Try to upgrade your antenna systemprovided if you are not able to receive clear picture quality
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