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  1. 1. Apple's built-in Preview application is not only a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader, but also has some editing features in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Open a PDF file in Preview,click "Tools" in the top menu, choose "Mark Up" then you can see "Highlight Text", "Underline Text" and "Strike Through Text" options. However, Preview is not powerful enough for you to edit the PDF text in Mac OS X, such as changing the content, deleting or adding new words, images or paragraphs. If you need to change the content of a PDF file, you'd better select a professional tool to do the task. Here in this article, we're going to talk about how to edit PDF text in Mac OS X(Mountain Lion included) with WondershareEdit PDF free Mac PDF Editor for Mac.
  2. 2. Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac enables you to add text quickly andaccurately Within a few drag and drops, everything is done perfectly Thefollowing is the detailed information for how to edit text in Mac OS XLion/Mountain Lion Here we go
  3. 3. STEP 1 LAUNCH WONDERSHARE PDF EDITOR FOR MAC LaunchWondershare PDF Editor for Mac and open the PDF you're going toedit Here are two ways to do the task Double-click the quick start iconon the desktop and then open the PDF file
  4. 4. Or right-click on the PDF file to open it with Wondershare PDF EditorSTEP 2 MODIFY TEXT ON A PDF Modify text Select the TouchUpTool on the Tool Bar
  5. 5. And then double-click on the text you need to change After that you canmodify the text within the editable text block If you click on the text, a textblock will appear, enabling you to delete the text STEP 3
  6. 6. INSERT TEXT INTO A PDF Add Text See the "Add Text" tool in theTool Bar? Click to select "Add Text" and then click on the text where youdesired to add text When you see the text block is available, type in thecontent
  7. 7. In the "Format" menu, you're capable of choosing your desired fontand color Edit PDF free Mac STEP 4 ADD ANNOTATION AnnotatePDF files
  8. 8. You might like to take some notes or make comments when you readingthe PDF files If so, annotating PDF is indispensable Click to select thecommenting tool
  9. 9. adding sticky note, Text Box, Free-hand Drawings, highlight,strike-through and underline text are all available Besides editing text inMac OS X, Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac has the functionality ofinserting and cropping images, rotating PDF pages, etc Try thesefantastic features by yourself right now!
  10. 10. Edit PDF free Mac