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  1. 1. An unsecured debt consolidation loan is also called a personal loan or a signatureloan. When you have a number of smaller, high interest loans, it makes sense to contact a lender about a personal loan.This way, you can pay off all of your bills inone fell swoop and then make one payment each month to a bank. This is what an unsecured debt consolidation loan can do for you.debt consolidation loans
  2. 2. There are two types of debt consolidation loans The first is the homeequity loan This means that you take out a second, third, or even fourthloan on your home A home equity loan generally offers better termsthan does an unsecured debt consolidation loan But these days,home equity loans are hard to get Not only have the credit markets driedup, banks are also being more discerning about how the loan againsthomes It used to be that you could get 125 percent of the value of yourhome in loans
  3. 3. Today, banks often don’t want to lend more than 80 percentAnd, because the home markets have declined, you may be in a situationwhere you already owe more than the home is worth That means thatyou’re looking at an unsecured debt consolidation loan to take careof your debts An unsecured debt consolidation loan will affect yourcredit At the very beginning, your credit scores may dip as you pay offand close accounts and receive a new high balance loan But, if youmake the payments on your consolidation loan faithfully, you should seean overall rise in your credit score within six months The increase couldbe considerable
  4. 4. There are two ways to obtain an unsecured consolidation loan Thefirst is to look at debt consolidation loans through traditional lenders Youcan search the internet for free debt consolidation loans which will giveyou a number of quotes at one time, or you can go into the bank whereyou do business and ask to speak to a representative about a signatureloan for the purpose of debt consolidation debt consolidation loansThe second way is to work with a debt consolidation company directlyThey will arrange to have all of your debts paid off You will then makeone payment to the company per month
  5. 5. There are non-profit and for profit debt consolidation companies outthere Both have merits However, there are some unscrupulous forprofit debt consolidation companies, so do your homework before signingany papers Because the loan is unsecured, you do not put up anycollateral This means the loan can be received fairly quickly as the bankdoes not have to value any assets Traditional banks will want to do acredit check before they lend you an unsecured debt consolidation loan
  6. 6. If you have late payments on your multiple debts, this can beproblematic Debt consolidation companies, on the other hand, areused to seeing people in your financial situation, and have plans andpolicies for almost every person You should contact a debt consolidationcompany as one of your options when trying to secure an unsecured debtconsolidation loan The one thing that will give you the edge in theAffiliate Marketing business is to take action Do it right now There willbe no tomorrow if you dont start today:
  7. 7. debt consolidation loans