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  1. 1. Android started as a Smartphone operating system, but has now become a dual-purpose operatingsystem for mobile phones and tablet computers. The latest incarnation of Android - known as Android 3.0 or Android Honeycomb - is specifically designed for tablets.Whilst slate PCs running Android 2 or Android 1 operating systems are available to buy, before you choose to go for one of these, you need to understand that these are limited versions of Android not specifically designed for a large screentablet PC.There has been a large development team working on Android 3.0 at Google to really establishit as a competitor to iOS on the iPad and this means its now a highly polished operating system with an application, video, music and games eco-system to support it.Android is an Open operating system which means any manufacturer, developer or even user can customise the code that its written in. This gives great flexibility and a huge range of hardware devices to choose from, but does mean that there are many versions of Android.You can get lots of apps for Android but if you want to future proof your purchase, its advisable to buy an Android 3.0 tablet as all the latest apps will run on it.Android has its
  2. 2. own app market called the Android Market. The latest tablets have direct access to Android Market from the tablet user interface.If your tablet doesnt have the Android Market available, you can stillside-load apps onto the device but youll need to getinstructions from the open source community or side load them on manually.Make sure you check the specification details and user reviews before selecting your Android slate PC as the actual experience can be inconsistent across models. An advantage of Android tablet PCs over the iPad is that they run Flash web video, but different models handle it better than others.Upgrades usually become available as new versions of Android become available but you usually have to wait for the manufacturers to release an update specific for the tablet.The success of Android will be dependent on developers building apps and games for these devices. There are a huge number of Android Smartphone apps that work on a tablet but only around a thousand Android apps specificallydesigned for a slate PC - expect this to change over the coming years.Android on tablets will continue to evolve and become more and more polished. It already is the closest challenger to iOS (the iPad operating system) and will continue to grow Android apps for tablets, top Android apps for tablets
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