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Digital Writing ALEA Canberra 2015


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Digital Writing ALEA Canberra 2015

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling Writing in a digital world Maryanne Pearce & Christina Cochrane
  2. 2. The Writing Process
  3. 3. What does writing on the WWW look like? What do I need to do and to think about before publishing? Models Create a list with students…. Building background and disciplinary knowledge Form, Audience, Purpose
  4. 4. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 Students with access to technology... • are more engaged in the learning process • are able to participate in a range of learning activities matched to their individual needs, interests and capabilities • learn in an environment characterised by collaborative work, problem solving and effective communication of ideas • take greater responsibility for their own learning • access resources and work with peers and mentors worldwide • acquire knowledge and skills which are essential for success in the global information economy
  5. 5. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 Teachers who build technology into their teaching... • employ a wider range of teaching strategies and find increased job satisfaction through the creation of engaging learning environments • are more readily able to monitor and plan the learning progress of individual students • have access to an extensive range of learning support materials and a network of professional colleagues and mentors via the Internet • use technology to streamline administrative duties.
  6. 6. Thinking and planning fro technology use Consider the SAMR framework Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura, Ph.D
  7. 7. Start small: Memes  http://memegenerat You lookin’ at me?
  8. 8. Create a Meme
  9. 9. Thinglink
  10. 10. Adobe Voice or Voice thread
  11. 11. Popplet lite Graphic Organizer Great for: mind mapping collaboration analysing/categorising
  12. 12. This is a dynamic online presentation tool. Prezi creates a visually interesting presentation on a text’s characters or themes. Rather than providing separate slides for different elements of a presentation, Prezi provides one giant canvas which is scrolled around on a ‘path.’ Can also be used to create a character’s journey. Start by identifying important settings in the text. Find images that represent these settings and place them on the Prezi canvas. Then their Prezi ‘path’ can become the character path – students’ visually map out a character’s journey to and from each setting and what happens in each setting.
  13. 13. Text and Images Presentation tool Meme idea Above the Line SAMR NF: Eg environment Fishing example Exports as pdf or PPT
  14. 14. Adobe Slate: stories in pictures
  15. 15. Where to find free images
  16. 16. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 Using picture books to model storytelling  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore (App and Book)  Woolves in the sitee  http://
  17. 17. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 iMovie and iDVD Moviemaker A combination of movies and images
  18. 18. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 The digital poster story Teachers use Glogster or Canva to allow students to create portfolios, present research reports, and even for student led instruction. These online poster sites allow you to give students specific objectives and requirements that must be fulfilled with their Glog, and they can even view tutorials before they begin. ="960" height="1300
  19. 19. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSH OP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015
  20. 20. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 Stories made from iMovie
  21. 21. Stories uploaded to Vimeo
  22. 22. Animation, sound and streamed video
  23. 23. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 The Hatchet
  24. 24. A story in 3 forms Strip Design ZooBurst GarageBand for a soundtrack
  25. 25. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 Setting the task - clarity and high expectations • What do you want the student to achieve? • What do they know already? • What will you need to teach? • How will you know and recognise success? • Plan accordingly and ensure students know exactly what you want.
  26. 26. Key points: Digital Writing • Is today and the future • Connects students • Allows students choice • Must be purposeful and support learning • Underpinned by writing process: gather ideas, draft, review, edit, publish • As with any text form - requires skills and protocols • Students need clear guidelines and high expectations Some ideas discussed today: Memes & Posters The picture book The movie Where to start.......... Make a book trailer!
  27. 27. Tools, References, Places to start
  28. 28. Creativity Boosters  The Story Starter - Creativity abounds at Story Starter! Their automatic generator plays host to over one trillion (no joke!) creative ideas for writers.  Creative Writing Prompts - When you need inspiration, this site is the place to go. It features more than 300 detailed creative writing prompts, as well as journal ideas.  Ink Provoking - This site provides creative writing prompts of all kinds. New prompts are added every Sunday.  Story Spinner Online - The Online Story Spinner from writing instructor Bonnie Neubauer offers millions of ideas to get people writing. When users click on the Story Spinner, they get a starting phrase, a setting and four words that must be included in the story.  The Story Kitchen - This site starts a story for you using the elements you choose and then asks you to finish it. With a focus on youth-friendly protagonists like superheros and genius kids, Bruce Van Patter's Story Kitchen is excellent practice for young writers.
  29. 29. Language Is a Virus - The automatic prompt generator on this site can provide writers with an endless number of creative writing prompts. Other resources include writing exercises and information on dozens of different authors. The Dabbling Mum - The Dabbling Mum is an interesting site that offers 30 days of prompts for fiction writers, nonfiction writers and pro writers. Writers are encouraged to pen a 500 to 1,000 word piece with each prompt. Scholastic - If you are looking for a site that inspires and covers the basics of writing, Scholastic is the place to be. The site is great for kids and teachers. About Fiction Writing - The Guide to Fiction Writing provides all sorts of creativity boosters for young writers. The site also offers advice for those who are new to fiction. Book-In-A-Week - The Book-In-A-Week website is for serious young writers who want a challenge. The writing community encourages creativity by asking members to write as much as possible the first week of every month.
  30. 30. Infographics: Tools  1. create an infographic based on predefined vhemes (visual themes), have been rapidly growing in popularity. It’s also free.  2. Creately create charts for their infographics by simply entering their data into the predesigned flow chart and diagram types. Multiple users can collaborate on the same chart or diagram.  3. Piktochartt easy to turn data into visual infographics.  4. create interactive infographics by picking a theme and adding your data.  5.   6. ManyEyes create data visualizations for your infographics.  7. Hohli Charts create a wide variety of professional-looking charts, including pie, bar, and radar charts.  8. StatSilk create charts and interactive maps, which can be saved as static images for your infographics.  9. Dipity create timelines  10. Tableau Public create your own infographics.  11. Tagxedo create word clouds for your infographics based on text from a web page, speech, article, letter, or any other piece of content.  12. GeoCommons create data visualizations using maps, which you can easily add to your infographics.  12. ChartsBin create data visualizations using maps that might be easier for novices to tackle  13. Wordle creating word clouds.  14. Gapminder World Offline  can download for Mac or PC and use to create data visualizations of current global data  15. Google Public Data turn data from public sources like the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics into colorful charts that look great in infographics.
  31. 31. Seven billion people, seven billion stories:  What makes a compelling life story? Resources in sequences for this unit of work from
  32. 32. Alan November
  33. 33. Tools
  34. 34. DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Maryanne Pearce ALEA 2015 Google Search Stories No longer active for making stories but provides a source of mentor texts when beginning to write a documentary movie. Vimeo: for stimulus and modelling
  35. 35. Sites    l-literacy/digital-literacy.html  free-ipod-ipad-apps-without-ads-for- education/ 
  36. 36. Thank you!