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Power Learning Made Easy by Padraig King


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Padraig King will teach a Brain Gym 101 course March 2/3 in Boyle, Ireland
Brain Gym 101 is a brief course teaching the simple activities developed by Dr. Paul Dennison. These activities make it easier to focus, concentrate, read, learn, remember, move and have balance and coordination..
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Power Learning Made Easy by Padraig King

  1. 1. Brain Gym 101 Course presented by internationally accredited trainer Padraig King POWER LEARNING MADE EASY Whole hearted, whole brained and whole bodied concentration, motivation and success in business, sports, education and living
  2. 2. Join us for a truly memorable experience in learning and living at your true potential Making Real Learning Possible March 23/24th in BoyleBrain Gym® is a registered trade mark of Edu-K Foundation. UK & USA
  3. 3. “Brain Gym “Better helps me concentration with my and memory” academic studies” “It is fun “I love and easy toBrain Gym do with all ‘DoubleDoodles’!” the family” March 23/24th in Boyle
  4. 4. We all want to growBut…… •Sadly, Not everybody enjoys learning (image:
  5. 5. Brain Gym® is a readiness for learning program Over the two weekends of the course we will teach you how to prepare your students for learning by facilitating them to quickly and easily make changes in their attention, balance, behaviour, concentration, communication, comprehension, coordination,seeing, listening and ability to be calm and centred.
  6. 6. These changes are reported to have resulted inimprovements in attention, compassion, decision making, handwriting, maths, organisation, overwhelm, punctuality, reading, spelling, self esteem, self confidence, tables, tidiness, writing, yawning and energy levels and many other areas
  7. 7. What a great gift to bring home to your students/kids! Once you have taught them to learn and remain positive, active, clear and energised they can achieve their true potential
  8. 8. Our techniques are simple to imitate and can bedone with children, teens and adults in a noncontact manner. We encourage the learner to notice as a means of preparing the student for learning.
  9. 9. Children, teens and adults use Brain Gym worldwideWhen students of any age are taught to noticehow their body reacts now to a learning situationand how much easier and more quickly they respondafter we do some Brain Gym activitiesthey begin to learn with real energy, internal motivationand pleasure.
  10. 10. With simple games, Brain Gym activitiesand lots of fun, you can make learning easier and quicker for those you care about
  11. 11. We use a learner centred, experiential approach, engaging the senses and both sides of the brain and body. We get wonderful reports from previous attendees about the boost in self esteem, self confidence and enjoymentthey are witnessing in themselves and their students when using Brain Gym.
  12. 12. •Parents and educators all over the globe tell us thatBrain Gym gave them new ways to overcome serious blockages to fluent reading
  13. 13. Using relaxing activities we calm the brain and body
  14. 14. •Bring home new skills. •Share these with your family! •Help your pupils to learn at their potential•Be surprised at how well they read after Brain Gym.
  15. 15. Brain Gym activities have been reported to be very effective at filtering out distractionsand so make it is easier to concentrate and learn
  16. 16. “Brain Gym is fun,simple to follow and easy to do.”
  17. 17. •Understanding Yeah!Maths is much Now we areeasier now using Brain Gym
  18. 18. With Brain Gym’s fun activities your kids will quickly and easily be writing fluently and legibly
  19. 19. “We had fun. You will too!”
  20. 20. This practical course will be presented over two weekends. At the end you will be able to use the skills learned for yourself and with your children.Padraig King The course will be presented by internationally accredited Brain Gym consultant and instructor, Padraig King.
  21. 21. Call Deirdre on +353861723510 0861723510 Register at and save 20%Be sure to book now as places are limited. Brain Gym® is a registered trade mark of Edu-K Foundation. UK & USA