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Ci350 assure method final


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An Assure method on my final unit plan

Published in: Education
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Ci350 assure method final

  1. 1. Brittany Taft CI 350 Unit Plan ASSURE A: Teaching Different Types of Energy to a group of third graders. The class has 15 students, 10 African American, 3 Jewish and 2 Muslims. Five of them are hands on learners, and the rest have no disabilities. S: The students will be going over the different types of energy for a week (5 days). Each day they will learn a new type of energy and how effects energy, along with the way we use it. By the end of the week they will be 100 percent knowledgeable on this subject. They will be able to tell me on the last day their research on their type of energy and give me an example. S: For every day, a type of energy will be explored. They will be taught the name of the energy, the way it helps us in daily life, and examples of the type of energy. U: First day: Go over all types of energies we use daily (this will be the day I find out what they already know). Second day: Go over Chemical energy Third Day: Go over Elastic energy Fourth Day: Go over Gravitational Energy Fifth / Last Day: The student will present their type of Energy R: On each day the Student will learn explore that energy, either by video, web quest, or podcast. E: For the presentation, I will expect them to provide their type of energy information: definition, examples, how it helps, and their own experiment video.