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  • My senior graduation project is based on the development of fashion. I chose the title because I will introduce the decades and show how they have grown and continued into this decade.
  • The order I will be presenting my power point in.
  • People during time continuously repeat fashion trends due to the major success it carried through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Many people are known to duplicate certain styles and are worn today.
  • “Fashion fade, style is eternal” this quotsis basically defining the fact that no fashion statement will last because new types of trends will come along. It all depends on who’s coming out with a new trend or what fashion company is advertizing that new “look”. The phrase “style is eternal” means that no matter what if you keep up with styles then it will last for a long time.
  • People generally pick out certain trends because of how appealing they look or by who’s wearing them. Mostly celebrities have a great impact on fashion trends because teens usually look at celebrities as their role models and idols.
  • “Fashion is a popular trend, esp. in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.”-Dictionary.comA clothing style may be introduced as a fashion, but its use becomes a custom after being handed down from generation to generation. A fashion that comes and goes is called a Fad.Clothing can be decorated or designed with all types of images and colors. The designs can either be embroidered onto the fabric, woven on to the fabric, silk screened, or ironed onto the fabric to create a desired look. Some images that have been used to enhance an article of clothing range from a simple design on front of a T shirt to a famous printing that has been woven into fabric creating a colorful piece of art that one can wear.
  • “A trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing.”-Dictionary.comFor an example of trends in the following photo’s are fashion statements I’m sure we have seen worn still today.Gladiator Sandals: The ultimate fashion-warrior shoe. Having first been “seen” in 2007, these were still the shoe to be wearing through 2008. The shoe factories started pumping out the designs – we see them in knee-high, ankle-high, and in metallic colors. They offer toughness to an outfit, even if just wearing a simple cotton dress.Headbands: Another trend that we first saw back in 2007, perhaps even as far back as 2006, it started out as a simple scarf tied around the hair on stars like Nicole Richie. But these morphed into a more sophisticated look in 2008, reminiscent of the flapper era. Velvet turbans, sequinned headbands – the headband became the must-have accessory of the year.
  • Celebrities definitely have an impact on the clothes we wear today. - The reason we try to dress like the celebrities is because we grab peoples attention because if you dress like them then you will get that same attention they get. - Teenagers especially try to get the expensive clothing because you look more rich which will get others wanting to be like you. - Celebrities are a perfect target for designers to get there products selling. - In the photo above is showing celebrities Mary Kate, Lindsey Lohan and Katherine Heigl in a scarf with sculls for the print.
  • ” -
  • The hippy culture had their own way of defining their groups; one could see the youth wearing bell-bottom jeans and tie and dye prints. Color was the one factor that bound hippies together.
  • This slide gives a description of what a hippie style is. The look was based on the 60’s hippie movement where their spirits were free and they dressed the way they wanted to show peace and freedom. People can relate to this sort of style because they want to feel comfortable and have that sense of peace and freedom. Which is why a lot of people continue this fashion trend in today.
  • This slide is basically a example of how certain fashion trends stick around because of the patterns.As seen for the example of a polka dot dress in the 60s the fabric doesn’t look very thought out. Although the 60s dress doesn’t look as colorful as the one from the 2000s, the one from the 60s version is more vintage and that is what the trend is today.The look for the 2000s dress gives off a sophisticated look that most woman want to look in order to attract the eye.Many designers keep these type of designs are around because it attracts the eye and brings attention to the material.
  • “The mod style is seen in wide headbands; this is a more classic, clean-cut style of headband. The ladies on Gossip Girl have been seen wearing these. There are a lot of modern ways to wear the hippie style of headbands. "Scene kids" or other non mainstream teens have worn neon stretchy headbands on their head like a hippie would have.”
  • Vintage clothing is very much popular today. There unique fabric and vibe of the style is often seen as dressing modern and classy. Belts usually are now being placed over the waist or on the hip. Leather boots are very much in style now. Headbands were worn often in each decade not just the 60’s
  • Many people will still wear mini skirts not to just show off there legs but because certain high boots or leggings will give you that modern look which is known to be fashionable today.
  • Politically extremist and fundamentalist groups committed acts of terrorism. In terms of dress, fashion magazines declared “anything goes” there were no rules anymore. The 70's was also known as "the Me Decade." People, during this time, concentrated on their own leisure and happiness. They were recovering after the sorrow and pain of war. This would be a decade of fun and leisure.- “ Fashions of a DECADE the 1970’s”..“It was writer Tom Wolfe who dubbed the seventies the “Me Decade.”Problem was, there were lots of “Me’s” fighting for a piece of the action. “ – “Fashions of a DECADE the 1970’s” In fact, people today strive to be different but they never succeed because the next person wants to be just as unique as the next. Thus making it difficult to be original.This side is about the “Me decade” This decade was a time where everyone want to be different in how they dressed to get that attention of a new trend invention. Teenagers today still strive for that yearn to be unique style wise. Know matter
  • Bell bottomsRainbowsPlatform shoesAfrosBright colorsJumpsuitsGogo dressesThe pimp suit Polyesters
  • This slide is more evidence of how the fashion duplicates itself in the 70’s and 2000’s.I chose the 70’s picture above because in that period of time the ladies liked to wear settle but fun looking dresses to bring out there attitude. The outfits put together resemble the one’s shown for the 1970s outwear.
  • “After the swinging sixties and the excesses of the 1970s punk rock, there had to be a backlash. It came in the 1980s, with the art of being serious, grown-up and hard-working carried to the extreme.” ” Fashion of a decade , the 1980’s”Eighties fashion is almost as big as it was in the 1980’s, but the question remains what exactly is 80’s fashion.  Well the 1980s was a particularly diverse time in the fashion industry.  There were many icons from this time such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, and the stars of Miami Vice that drastically altered the way that people dress.  After all the 80s was the time where it was agreed that we lived in a material world and there was so much great fashion that emerged from this time.
  • The whole punk movement initially started as an anti establishment music movement, which quickly spiralled into the polictical, artistic and fashion worlds. Spurred on by punk legends The Ramones, The Clash and The Sex Pistols who created an entirely new look which launched designers like Vivienne Westwood and still acts as an inspiration for designers and fashion followers today. - Punk rock influences abound this season with studs, zippers, skinny black pants, leggings, leather jackets and more. Whether you go head-to-toe rocker or wear a single piece to toughen up your look, this trend is singing our song.
  • “ In fact the mood did not last long and the decade soon began to show its true colors.”“ Just as the mini-skirted teenage girl became the symbol of the sixties, so the well-tailored young executive, quickly dubbed a “yuppie,” summed up the eighties spirit of hard work and individual responsibility” -” Fashion of a decade , the 1980’s”
  • Once everyone got over being a punk rock star, things became to get more serious and dim down to a more success full look.A lot of women would wear suits with their hair pulled back to give the illusion of a business women.This way high earned companies could visually see how responsible you look and can be.
  • This slide is a brief explanation of what hasn’t really changed since the 80’s and 2000’s and why the style is still in today. - The quote above basically means that there’s a difference between style and fashion because someone could put together an outfit and think its really unique and fun looking, When the next person is thinking differently. The quality of it all is how much time you put into your outfits and it will show that you take fashion seriously.
  • 1980s clothing styles are back on the shelves now, and we take a look at what makes these eighties fashions for women endure the test of time.
  • Baggy jeans were very hip in the 90s and is still worn today because of how comfortable and relaxed they are. The flannel shirts came in all sorts of colors and stripes. More skater and tom boys wear them because it is comfy and easy to throw on.
  • The picture shown first is a various amount of clothing that is worn by Mary Kate. She is seen being worn a grunge look because its very relaxed and lose. This certain look was meant to look sloppy and not so much thought out. As far as the next picture it is more upgraded.- The “look” that Mary Kate
  • I’ve learned that no matter the decade a fashion trend is in, if its very appealing at that time then most likely it will continue throughout the years.
  • Sgp

    1. 1. The Development of Fashion<br />Paden Brown <br />Mrs. Oren<br />Pd. 3 <br />
    2. 2. Overview of Presentation<br /><ul><li>Power point
    3. 3. Application
    4. 4. Conclusion
    5. 5. Class activity </li></ul><br />
    6. 6. Thesis<br />People during time continuously repeat fashion trends due to the major success it carried through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Many people are known to duplicate certain styles and are worn today. <br />
    7. 7. Personal Relevance<br />I chose this topic because I believe that people today should recognize where their fashion trends originated from. People can relate to this topic because nowadays everything is about what’s new and in fashion.<br />
    8. 8. Evidence of Research<br />As proof of research I interviewed people on how they feel about these certain trends coming back and why they personally dress from back in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Proving that most trends from back in the day still exists today.<br />
    9. 9. “Fashions fade, style is eternal” -Yves Saint Laurent <br />
    10. 10. “There’s a saying that everything comes back in cycles and our fashion experts feel that in every generation, they look back in reverence to the popular culture of twenty years earlier.  This can be seen in current music trends, movies, and especially fashions.”<br /><br /><br />
    11. 11. What is fashion?<br /><br />
    12. 12. What is a trend?<br /><br />
    13. 13. Celebrities advertize trends.<br /><br />
    14. 14. Welcome to the swinging sixties<br />
    15. 15. The 60s history of fashion<br />The 1960s was a period of great trend setting ideas! This was the period, which saw some of the most popular styles being launched; some of them are still in vogue even today! The youth had a major say in fashion. The hippy culture strongly caught on in the 1960’s as well.<br />www.thwaitesempiretheatr#1EC767<br />
    16. 16. The Hippie’s Style<br />“Hippie style is once again worming its way into the fashion forecast. Relaxed, comfortable, and super flattering elements of this trend.” <br />This look is very peace full and open.<br /><br />
    17. 17. Evidence of Duplication<br />The 1960 “Polka dot dress”<br />The 2000s version of a “polka dot dress” <br />(<br />In the 60s the polka dot dress was the ideal fun dress to wear because it popped out. This design stayed because of its successful trend.<br />(<br />The 2000’s version of the polka dot dress differed from the 1960s version because of the sequence and design. Its still being worn today for a vintage look. <br />
    18. 18. As Seen Today<br />Hippies headband<br />“Lately there has been a resurgence of headbands seen worn on celebrities, teenagers, and young women everywhere. Leighton Meester sports one many times on Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf. Taylor Swift wears one while she’s off stage, and emerging artist LIGHTS has used them as a trademark look for concerts and photo shoots. “<br /><br />
    19. 19. Styles of the 60s<br />Mini skirts<br />Vintage tops<br />Belts<br />Wigs<br />Leather boots<br />Fake eyelashes<br />Headbands<br />Polka-dots<br /><br />
    20. 20. ANYTHING GOES IN THE 70’S<br />
    21. 21. The 70’s history of fashion<br />“The 70’s fashion history consist of all sorts of skirt lengths from micro, mini to maxi. Lighter weight clothes. Ethnic fashion and style trends as a result of broader travel experiences.”<br />
    22. 22. Me Decade<br /><br />
    23. 23. Ways to create your own style in sense of fashion.<br />Everyone is always looking for a change in their wardrobe. <br />They're more versatile and can be worn with nearly anything color and style wise. Buy basic tops like tanks, beaters, camisoles, crew necks, v necks, and scoop neck tee/tanks.<br /> Just using these tops you could layer them into something totally you. Buy neutral colors like brown, black, grey, and/or white. After you've developed your neutrals move forward to color that appeals to you. You could create very cute color combinations with the options. You don't have to spend a lot to buy basics;<br /><br />
    24. 24. Styles of the 70s<br /><br />
    25. 25. Evidence of duplication<br />2000’s version <br />This photo shows a group of ladies in short mini outfits proof of how the ladies would dress at the time depending on the weather.<br />1970’s version<br />In this photo the women is wearing a short skirt which is high wasted and printed as seen in the 1970s image. <br /><br /><br />
    26. 26. Why do ladies wear mini skirts now and then?<br />“Every woman needs to feel attractive and good about her body. <br />If a woman works hard at looking good, then wearing a mini skirt is something that she should take advantage of and do as she pleases.<br /> A great mini skirt is a must have for any woman’s wardrobe”<br /> <br />
    27. 27. Why are the 70s styles still popular?<br />These trends still go on today because in the 70’s the youth played a major role in what they wore.<br /> - In high school the teenagers liked to be creative with there style because things became boring after seeing it over and over again. <br /> - You became popular when you figured out a new way to put an outfit together.<br />shoesforthesole.files.wo#1ED982<br />
    28. 28. As Seen Today<br />Tights in general were brought back into the 2000s. In the 1970s shear tights were a neat and different way to add decoration to your outfit.<br />“If you wore the trend once, don’t wear it a second time.” But in the case of leggings, we’re amending that to: “If you wore the trend once, don’t wear it the same way the second time.”<br />Read more:<br /><br />
    29. 29. The 80s<br /><br />
    30. 30. The 80’s History<br />
    31. 31. Styles of the 80s<br />Punk rock<br />Preppy<br />Leg warmers<br />Big hair<br />Trench coats<br />Pump shoes<br />Polka dots<br />Biker shorts<br />
    32. 32. Punk Rock Look<br /><br />
    33. 33. Business Look<br />“The general trend was to tone down and tame the original punk style.”<br />
    34. 34. Dressing for success<br />
    35. 35. Today verses 80’s<br />Today verses the 80’s isn’t much that changed.<br />For example: cheetah print, zebra print and leather jackets are still in style today.<br />People want that attention to make them seem more creative and outgoing. <br />“ the difference between style and fashion is quality” – Giorgio Armani<br />
    36. 36. Why did the 80s trend came back?<br />The clothes worn in the 80s depicted people who were trying to find themselves. They looked for ways to express their creativity and individuality. Men wore heavy make up and grew long hair.<br />Women wore short hair and layers of clothing. Both sexes were looking for an identity. <br /><br />
    37. 37. Welcome to the 90s<br />
    38. 38. The 90’s History<br />In the mid 90s a fashion for Chinese cheongsam dresses and rich dress or interior brocade fabrics came at about the same time as interest in the British handover of Hong Kong. <br />After 156 years the colony was given back to the Chinese on July 1 1997.Straight dresses with mandarin collars and mandarin necks on long line brocade jackets followed a similar slim line. <br />Other garments, shawls and knits were lavished with embroidery techniques made possible by new mass production embroidery machines.<br /><br />
    39. 39. Styles of the 90s<br />Baggy jeans<br />Flannel shirts<br />Thigh-highs <br />Grunge <br />Baby doll dresses <br />
    40. 40. Trends in the 90’s<br />Cool Grunge look- Teens everywhere were sporting this look, wearing rock concert T-shirts under plaid, flannel shirts. <br />Cute Baby wear-The schoolgirl look of baby doll dresses with puffed sleeves and thigh-high stockings became popular because of this movie. Also popular were slip dresses worn over T-shirts. <br /><br />
    41. 41. Evidence of duplication<br />
    42. 42. The 2000s <br />
    43. 43. 21stCentury<br />Coming into the 21st century the world is at high fashion. Expensive designers were becoming more and more popular among the middle class people like: Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Guess, Armani, Christian Dior, Chanel, and much more. To have a designer purse or something made, the appearance of wealth and taste. The big fashions are natural looking makeup, and more body complimenting clothing. Big sunglasses, ripped jeans, polos, little sweaters, cute shoes, tight shirts, an more popular among teenagers.<br /><br />
    44. 44. Styles of the 2000’s <br /><ul><li>Hand bags
    45. 45. High heels
    46. 46. Bright colors
    47. 47. Mini skirts
    48. 48. Modern look
    49. 49. Classy look
    50. 50. Big glasses
    51. 51. Suits</li></li></ul><li> Application<br />For my application I made a iMovie on the fashion of this decade.<br />
    52. 52. Conclusion<br />
    53. 53. Class Activity<br />WORD SEARCH <br />
    54. 54. WORK CITED<br />“Fashion of a DECADE the 1960s”, Yvonne Connikie<br />“Fashion of a DECADE the 1970s”, Jacqueline Herald<br />“Fashion of a DECADE the 1980s”, Vicky Carnegy<br />“Fashion of a DECADE the 1990s”,ElaneFeldman<br />( )<br />( ) <br />( ) <br /><br />