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Traffic Shoe Case Study by Pacific54


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How to Triple Your E-Commerce Sales Using Dynamic Retargeting Ads

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Traffic Shoe Case Study by Pacific54

  1. 1. Traffic Shoe, a discount shoe retailer and ecommerce website, was looking to leverage dynamic retargeting ads on social media to expand brand awareness and boost sales. Traffic Shoe hired Pacific54 in order to amp up their social media production and delivery, to truly make their brand identity stand out from the crowd. JUNE 2017 HOW TO TRIPLE YOU R ECOM M ER C E SA LES USING DYNAM IC R ETA R GETIN G A DS CASE STUDY 2750 NW 3rd Ave Suite 17, Miami, Florida 33127 Email: / Phone: 305.515.5473 /
  2. 2. WHAT IS DYNAM IC RETARGET ING? Have you ever added a product to your shopping cart, rethought the purchase, and abandoned the item? The Facebook Pixel allows ecommerce retailers to track that activity and show your abandoned item to you again on social media, increasing the chances of you completing the purchase. Dynamic ads are able to drive immediate sales while building brand equity for next-generation customers and evangelists. Increase in Facebook page likes 485% Increase in website visitors or pageviews HERE IS WHAT WE ACH IEV ED BETWEEN Q1 OF 2 016 A N D Q1 OF 2017 BY OPTIM IZIN G DYN A M IC A DV ER TISIN G Increase in sales (only 13.32% increase in ad spend). 301%17% ARE YOU READY TO OPTIMIZE YOUR ADVERTISING AND STEP UP YOUR WEB MARKETING GAME? 2750 NW 3rd Ave Suite 17, Miami, Florida 33127 Email: / Phone: 305.515.5473 /