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Christmas at the grinch home part 3


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Christmas at the grinch home part 3

  1. 1. Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, tous a son is given, & the governmentwill be on his shoulders. And he will becalled Wonderful Counselor, MightyGod, Everlasting Father, Prince ofPeace.
  2. 2. "A child is born; a son is given…" "A child is born" - "A son is given" -
  3. 3. Christmas is not just about a baby. Itis about God becoming man, born as a baby into our poor world!
  4. 4. "…the government will be on hisshoulders."
  5. 5. Micah 5:2 "But you, BethlehemEphrathah, though you are smallamong the clans of Judah, out of youwill come for me one who will be rulerover Israel, whose origins are from ofold, from ancient times."
  6. 6. Acts 13:38 Let it be known to youtherefore, brethren, that through thisman forgiveness of sins is proclaimed toyou,
  7. 7. 39and by him every one that believes isfreed from everything from which youcould not be freed by the law of Moses.
  8. 8. "Wonderful Counselor"
  9. 9. Isaiah 9:2 The people walking indarkness have seen a great light; onthose living in the land of the shadow ofdeath a light has dawned.
  10. 10. Proverbs 4:19 But the way of thewicked is like deep darkness; they donot know what makes them stumble.
  11. 11. WALKING IN DARKNESS:___ Calamity-"Why do I keep getting myself in trouble?"___ Confusion-"I cant tell why I keep messing up."___ Ignorance-"I dont know what to do.
  12. 12. WALKING IN DARKNESS:___ Idolatry-"Im pursuing the lesser things."___ Worldliness-"Im determined to feel good now, no matter what God says."
  13. 13. Psalms 119:165 Great peace have theywho love your law, and nothing canmake them stumble.
  14. 14. “Mighty God" "Mighty" -
  15. 15. 2 Chronicles 25:7 But a man of Godcame to him and said, "O king, thesetroops from Israel must not march withyou, for the LORD is not with Israel--not with any of the people of Ephraim.
  16. 16. 8 Even if you go and fight courageouslyin battle, God will overthrow you beforethe enemy, for God has the power tohelp or to overthrow."
  17. 17. Romans 8:28 We know that ineverything God works for good withthose who love him, who are calledaccording to his purpose.
  18. 18. “Everlasting Father"
  19. 19. John 14:9 Jesus answered: "Dont youknow me, Philip, even after I have beenamong you such a long time? Anyonewho has seen me has seen the Father.How can you say, Show us theFather?"
  20. 20. "Prince of Peace" "Peace" -
  21. 21. Philippians 4:6-7 Have no anxiety aboutanything but in everything by prayerand petition, with thanksgiving, makeyour requests to God.
  22. 22. 7And the peace of God will surpasses allunderstanding will guard your heartsand minds in Christ Jesus.
  23. 23. Luke 2:13-14 Suddenly a greatcompany of the heavenly host appearedwith the angel, praising God andsaying,
  24. 24. 14 "Gloryto God in the highest, and onearth peace to men on whom his favorrests."
  25. 25. Peace has a Prince