PacBlue Printing joins forces with LOCO BC


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PacBlue Printing, Vancouver’s premier printing
company and LoCo BC, Vancouver’s local business connector and sustainable business implementation agency, joined forces today to promote sustainable business practices and empower BC businesses, consumers and governments to buy locally.

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PacBlue Printing joins forces with LOCO BC

  1. 1. PacBlue Printing joins forces with LOCO BC Promoting sustainable business practices and empowering BC businesses to buy locallyVancouver, BC, December 21st, 2010 -- PacBlue Printing, Vancouver’s premier printingcompany and LoCo BC, Vancouver’s local business connector and sustainable businessimplementation agency, joined forces today to promote sustainable business practices andempower BC businesses, consumers and governments to buy locally. According to the newstrategic initiative, LOCO BC welcomes PacBlue Printing as a founding member of itsorganization."We recognize the need for responsible environmental management and the efficient use ofour natural resources. We are very excited about this new opportunity to engage and assistour community in developing a network of local businesses that is based on sustainablepractices," said Jonathan Colley, CEO/President at PacBlue. "We believe that through thispartnership we will contribute to LOCO’s efforts to inspire and educate our community aboutthe benefits of supporting local businesses. We are proud to work together with anorganization that shares the same vision, values and good business practices we have”.LOCO works to create a diverse, vibrant local economy by strengthening small and mid-sizedbusinesses. LOCO members now have access to PacBlue’s high-end printing services at adiscount rate. The PacBlue Printing team of experts will serve the needs of LOCO membersand will offer its expertise on sustainable eco-friendly printing options.“We are thrilled to partner with PacBlue Printing; they are the trusted printer supplier ofmany local companies. We think that they make the perfect fit for becoming LOCO’s printingpartner of choice” said Amy Robinson, Executive Director at LOCO. “We know aboutPacBlue’s commitment to preserving the environment and their commitment goes hand inhand with ours. One of LOCO’s goals is to help our members overcome the obstacles they facein finding local suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices. So it’s exciting towelcome PacBlue on board to the LOCO initiative.”Both PacBlue Printing and LOCO are planning a lot of exciting activities and opportunities thatwill soon be available to all LOCO members and the local community. They hope that the newpartnership will serve to enhance the commitment they have for purchasing locally and tomaking their community a better place to live and work.About PacBlue Printing:Founded in 1950 PacBlue Printing is recognized as one of the leading printing companies in Vancouver, BritishColumbia. Built on a background in reprographics and digital reproduction, PacBlue has mastered the ability todeliver a crisp image in beautiful colour on just any kind of substrate.Thanks to its premier product mix PacBlue has become the printer of choice for top BC based Canadian and NorthAmerican companies. PacBlue offers different types of printing solutions including business cards, marketingcollateral, point of purchase, construction hoarding, trade show displays, retail signage, vinyl graphics, posters,banners, reprographics, art reproduction and much more.
  2. 2. Vancouver based and family owned PacBlue Printing is recognized for its commitment to preserving theenvironment and a member of IRGA, SGIA, ICSC and is FSC certified.To learn more about PacBlue, visit www.pacblueprinting.comAbout LOCOLOCO is a membership-based, not-for-profit organization focused on growing the region’s local economy. LOCOencourages consumers, businesses and governments to buy goods and services based on a shared commitment tostrengthen communities and a healthy environment by providing meaningful employment and buying local wherepossible. LOCO is supported by Founding Partners Vancity, Salt Spring Coffee and PacBlue Printing, and CommunityPartner Recycling Alternative. LOCO is one of nearly 80 independent local business networks that make up theBusiness Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). For further information, visit Contacts:Nicolas Slobinsky Amy RobinsonPacBlue Printing LOCO BCTel: 604.714.3288 Tel: