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Pablo 9r multimedia


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this is the file format homework

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Pablo 9r multimedia

  1. 1. TYPE OF FILE FORMATS Pablo jimenez 9R
  2. 2. AUDIO • wav - standard audio file format used mainly in Windows PCs. Commonly used for storing uncompressed (PCM), CD-quality sound files, which means that they can be large in size - around 10MB per minute of music.
  3. 3. VIDEO • Mov: quicktime player,used to save movies and video files,is compatable with Macintosh and windows platforms • Mp4: used to store videos • Swf: small web format, is an adobe flash file format used for multimedia,vector graphics and action script.
  4. 4. GRAPHICS • Png:portable network graphics,raster graphic file format that supports lossless data compression. • Jpeg:most common image format used by cameras. • Eps:file extension for a graphics file format used in vector based images in adobe illustrator.
  5. 5. TEXT • docx;:developed by Microsoft.For saving word documents. • Txt:file format for files consisting oftext usually containing very little format. • Oft:a format for scalable computer fonts.
  6. 6. ANIMATION • Gif:a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. Swf: is a file extension for a Shockwave Flash file format created by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe. SWF stands for Small Web Format. SWF files can contain video and vector based animations and sound and are designed for efficient delivery over the web.