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Freedom vs. Safety


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Presentation made by students of 1º BACH to discuss about freedom and safety.

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Freedom vs. Safety

  2. 2. What´s freedom? Freedom is a natural capacity that the human being has. It consists in act according to their own will.
  3. 3. What´s safety? It´s the feeling of protection against external dangers that hurts the life´s quality.
  4. 4. Introduction The ideal of a democratic state would be a balance between freedom and security. In the case of having to choose one, freedom is undoubtedly the most important factor. Uncontrolled security without freedom´s intervention nullifies the individual , since if security is located as the main objective ends annihilating the other values of the state of right, like happiness, equality, freedom, justice... "It is impossible for a man who enjoys freedom to imagine what it means to be deprived of it, if we are free we are masters of our own lives"
  5. 5. France suspend Schengen for a month • On the occasion of the summit of climate change, France decided to suspend the Schengen Treaty, a treaty that allows European citizens to circulate in countries which belongs to the agreement without a passport. • This attempts against freedom, wanting to prioritize the security, more concretely forbbiding the right of free movement
  6. 6. Geography of the dehumanization The new speaks of a report by Amnesty International, that says that the human rights’ abuses are increasing by putting as an excuse a security defense. More than 122 countries exerted torture and more than 30 countries forced refugees to return to areas of war against their will. 113 countries of 194 restricted freedom of expression. 55% of countries had unfair judges, and 61 remain locked up prisoners of conscience. It is this democratic?
  7. 7. State of emergency • France decides to perpetuate the state of emergency for three months more. This law gives more power to the police, and it allows to carry out house searches. • France is using the terrorist threat to cut the civil rights. It attempt to the freedom of all french citizens.
  8. 8. Secret service law • The measures outlined by Hollande add to those already approved and in force in the last year. The most important relates to the secret services. Adopted in June , this law allows mass electronic and cyber tracking data without judicial control. Is qualified as liberticidal by organizers of the human rights and the extremist National Front . • This measure attents against the privacity that is a essential right of the democracy.
  9. 9. Denmark approves confiscate refugees´property • The Danish parliament approves a legal reform that restricts the refugees´ rights because the State confiscates the goods of them, and complicate the family reunification. • Refugees have the same rights than european people, they escape from the war of their country and they have asylum right. Denmark is making life difficult for refugees. Is this fair?
  10. 10. Libertad, seguridad … y acogida
  11. 11. Liberty, security… and reception • The goverments use the excuse of the terrorist attacks to put the security over freedom. They also use the excuse of the terrorism to refuse refugees. They asociate the concept “muslim” with terrorist. • Who are committed to enhance security even at the cost of restricting freedoms often drives them more an ideological grounds that a genuine interest in the welfare of citizens.
  12. 12. “Ley Mordaza” • It´s a law that infringes the freedom of expression, information or manifestation, and gives more power to the police in manifestations. • It´s an antidemocratic law, because the democracy has to defend the rights of the people instead of forbid them.
  13. 13. Made by: Inés Bugallo Pablo Coto Xavier Iglesias Iván Lamas Daniel López Yaiza Magariños Xosé Rodríguez Rodrigo Vázquez 1º Bacharelato Bilingüe IES Antón Losada Diéguez