Rotary March Audit Committee Update on Brand 2014


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Rotary International has met to go over the brand, its awareness and how it is identified by the general public. This is the latest report available from march 2014

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  • So, you ask “Why are we doing this?” The simplest answer is that our Boards came to realize that people DO NOT KNOW Rotary. Past surveys show that four in 10 people have never heard of Rotary. And another four in 10 know our name only.In a just completed 2013 survey focused on Rotary’s efforts in the global polio eradication effort, it tells a similar story. The average across all 10 countries in the survey, 32% have NEVER HEARD of Rotary. Now there are success stories in some parts of the world, but overall the same 4 of 10 people have never heard of usThe Strategic Planning Committee was first to bring this to the attention of our Directors and Trustees…who came to the conclusion that we are not reaching our full potential because we are not getting full credit for the great work that Rotarians are doing in communities around the world. It’s harder to grow Rotary, attract new members, do greater service in the communities…bring in strategic partners…and enhance our contributions.Notes:Bars colored in red are the percentage of people who have never heard of Rotary.We did not ask a question about having heard of Rotary in the 2011 Global Polio Survey. So NOTE the comparison to prior results is a 2010 survey on Rotary’s public image – it was a different instrument in some countries online, but in Germany all telephone (instead of online) and in the US part telephone/part online respondents. However, given somewhat diff wording and diff methodology the results are still relatively comparable.The 2010 public image survey was not administered in several of our polio awareness countries.
  • A survey conducted in 2012 regarding Rotary’s strategic plan and its initiatives shows high levels of support for Strengthening Rotary image or brand. More than 95% of a sample of Rotarians agreed that Rotary needed to unify and renew its image and increase its brand awareness.AFTERTHOUGHT**In response to “The pace of chage at Rotary is?” 38% answered “Too Slow.” In practice, anytime this response is higher than about 20-25%, an organization is moving more slowly than its members wish.What’s more, in that same survey, Rotarians indicated that they were ready for change. Many Rotarians indicated that Rotary is TOO SLOW to adapt.***Survey invited a representative sample of 22,000 Rotarians to participate. 2,024 responded (9.2% response rate).
  • The real value in the Strengthen Rotary initiative is strategic. Strengthen Rotary delivers five important outcomes:Clarify and communicate our core reason for being to capture our most relevant points of difference.Bring our values to life to ensure our words support our actions and vice versaRedefine or re-energize our voice to reflect our unique and distinct character.Organize how we present our offerings so people understand what we do and how to engage.And last, to refresh our visual identity to energize our look and feel while celebrating our heritage. This last item represents only 15% of the total effort. This is the reason we want to refocus the conversation…from the controversy about the logo—the 15%…to the major benefits of Strengthen Rotary—the 85%! Let’s see why this is so.
  • The value in Strengthen Rotary reveals itself quickly. This is a simple question…a question we have all been asked. Research shows few Rotarians give a clear, resounding response. In most cases when you ask, “What is Rotary?” Rotarians start with “Um” or a hesitation…followed by answers like, “Rotary is many things to many people.” Or, “Rotary is what you make of it.” Or, “Rotary is really, really great.” But these answers are weak. They tell you little about what differentiates us…and why Rotary matters in the world. Is it any wonder why the world does not understand what we do?Strengthen Rotary defines us and builds from three simple ideas that resonated with both our members and with non-Rotarians as well.
  • Strengthen Rotary brings CLARITY and FOCUS. And the means to help every Rotarian prepare an elevator speech that answers the question, “What is Rotary?” It also provides a powerful strategic tool for decision-making. Rotary JOINS LEADERS from all continents, cultures and occupations… to EXCHANGE IDEAS…and TAKE ACTION for communities around the world.Let’s break this down into its components because these three ideas are the very essence of Rotary.Rotary joins leaders…sure we do humanitarian service…but Rotary’s role in the world is to be a catalyst for collaborating and improving our communities.We exchange ideas…bringing our expertise and our diverse perspectives to bear on community problems.Then…because ideas are only the first part of the solution and Rotarians are interested in solving problems…Rotarians take action to make communities everywhere just a little bit better. In fact, taking action is what the Foundation is all about…because it is through your efforts that Rotarians around the world are able to make their communities better places to live, work and play.What’s more, these ideas have shown themselves to be very memorable and that’s handy… ELEVATOR SPEECHWith these three thoughts…JOIN LEADERS….EXCHANGE IDEAS…AND TAKE ACTION…we can help every Rotarian to create their own “elevator speech” that reflects their personal Rotary experience and culture. For instance…my elevator speech is:“Rotary brings together the kind of people—leaders--who step forward to take on some of the toughest challenges in communities everywhere.” With JOIN LEADERS. EXCHANGE IDEAS. TAKE ACTION. as a guide, Rotary can banish “Um” as an answer to the question, “What is Rotary?”STRATEGIC DECISION-MAKING TOOLThese three phrases give our Trustees and Directors a strategic tool for decision-making. Let me illustrate the point with an example.Everyone knows Nike’s tag line, “Just Do It.” Few know Nike’s essence. “Authentic athletic performance.”Nike noticed Reebok competing—and winning—in the fashion arena, Nike’s leaders thought…”We make shoes and apparel. We should get in that make and enjoy the profits.” But then Nike stopped. They looked at their essence and realized fashion has little to do with Authentic Athletic Performance. Nike’s essence gave the leaders clarity and confidence to stay out of that market…to be clear to their consumers what Nike is all about. Real athletes--where Nike is the clear winner.
  • To drive engagement with Rotary we need to present our portfolio in a way that’s meaningful to external audiences. Join Leaders. Exchange Ideas. Take Action. provides a strategic framework to help us organize our diverse offerings. Under JOIN LEADERS is where we connect with leaders from all continents, cultures and occupations…in our Clubs, including Rotaract and Interact.Under EXCHANGE IDEAS is where we discover and celebrate our diverse perspectives…at our conventions, in your club meetings, at youth exchanges and peace fellowships.And under TAKE ACTION is where we create positive change in our communities…through our club service projects, as well as our international efforts to eradicate polio, and our Action Groups and Community Corps.Each of these phrases provides CALL TO ACTION that helps drive engagement.
  • Before the Strengthen Rotary initiative Rotary looked to the outside world like a complex network of unrelated parts. It was difficult, even for some Rotarians, to understand how to engage with us.Without a clear system in place, Rotary cannot get the recognition it rightly deserves.
  • Without a clear system in place, Rotary cannot get the recognition it rightly deserves.
  • In addition, let me show this product which is the exact color approved by the board in June 2013And as you are looking at this, I have put the June Board decision on screen so you can see what exact language the board agreed to.This version is intended to be the color we are trying to target in professional print media.The language in the board decision provides the ability for the Secretariat to adjust the other color systems to get to the equivalent color in other media Without going into a lot of technical details, this really means we need to make slight modifications to strengthen the gold in those other color systems for digital media like web and social media personal, home-style printers or less than professional grade printers. We recognize that many Rotarians are printing materials to promote club activities from such printersSo, in our initial exploration of the color options, it is evident that we didn’t hit the target on the outputs in those other color systems.Our overall goal is to reduce the gap in variations by providing simple instructions for Rotarians that guide them in what file type should be used for what media type. We will try to close the variation gap in outputs from a wide range to a more tolerable range with the clear understanding that will never close the variation gap completely. In addition, the online brand center will help reduce that gap over time.
  • Our guidelines show a range of alternatives Rotarians use to effectively portray our logo.…In Rotary royal Blue and our Heritage Gold…On a white background. And on a darker (slate) background.
  • Our logo in one color—our Azure. And with our Heritage Gold…or reversed out of blue in white as we might do with lower-cost, one or two-color printing.
  • One color in black. And reversed white out of our warm neutral color, Ash.
  • >>NOTE: COULD DROP THIS SLIDE<<And finally, on our Violet…as we may do now for our EndPolioNow materials.
  • is organized around these same core ideas…and the benefit is that Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike are finding what they need.
  • We can now tell a more compelling story.When we revised Rotary Basics to focus on member engagement…we used these same organizing principles…because Rotarians can deepen their engagement on all three core ideas.
  • And in the future, we’ll be applying this approach to all of our communications materials.…like a membership brochure that tells not just HOW to be a member. It tells WHY you should be a member.…and a convention poster that tells the BENEFITS of attending.
  • Everyone in The Netherlands is getting new cards. Like Frank’s. A printer is donating their services.QR code on back takes you to Rotary in The Netherlands website which, over the next several months, is going to mirror
  • Everyone in The Netherlands is getting new cards. Like Frank’s. A printer is donating their services.QR code on back takes you to Rotary in The Netherlands website which, over the next several months, is going to mirror
  • Early ruff version of Australia club web gateway. Australia telling our story…better!
  • RIBI “This Close” bus backer public service announcement. Raise money for EndPolioNow.
  • Everyone in The Netherlands is getting new cards. Like Frank’s. A printer is donating their services.QR code on back takes you to Rotary in The Netherlands website which, over the next several months, is going to mirror
  • Banner mock-ups for Director Celia Giay’s Zone 23B Institute.
  • Rotary Club of Irvine website…begins to capture our voice as well as the visual identity.
  • The Club of Irvine’s Facebook page uses the Mark of Excellence as its profile picture and their official club logo is embedded in their cover photo.
  • Ron and Jetta supporting a club in Ridgeway, IL.
  • So before we go directly to the feedback and next steps, we just wanted to highlight some of the recent actions taken since June 2013 when the Board of Directors approved the final go-ahead to the initiative. Details are provided in your background at pages 1-2.We embarked on a low-profile initial launch over time. We knew the results of Strengthening Rotary would be hard to miss since the launch of the website would be using the new approach to activate the brand through messaging, architecture, imagery, and visual identityThe Secretariat delivered New brand guidelines: A few short news stories and press releasesMessages to senior leaders, regional coordinators, and DG and DGEsAnd, other messages to support the initial launchBut, we haven’t done enough, and we will talk about ratcheting up our communication effortsThe feedback has been mixedBoth the Secretariat and the Rotarians have spent too much attention focused on the refreshed logo and the “GOLD OR YELLOW ON WHITE ISSUE”…and not enough on the message. We are improving our communications about this issue to promote the various alternatives. We’ll show you some of those later in the presentation.Rotarians feel they had too little input into the process…especially about the enhancement of the logo.Our communication efforts have reached too small an audience. There is support from a group of early adopters and we will highlight some of those shortly.LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT STEPSWe are planning more targeted communications…designed to shift the dialogue to the value and benefits of the initiative, and Paul Hydzik will highlight those in a minuteWe are hard at work on an online resource, we call the Brand Center, which will help Rotary members tell the Rotary story with greater focus and consistency…as well as deliver brand assets like logos and customizable templates Rotary clubs can use to prospect for members and promote their local service projects. Phase 1 is scheduled to launch just before the International Assembly with a basic set of tools and templates. More will be coming later in the Rotary year as we enhance the Brand Center and all of its tools.Training will be ramping up in preparation for the coming PETS season …placing an emphasis on encouraging Rotarians to live the brand and truly live our values…which begins by asking clubs to take an honest assessment of their club…and telling Rotary’s story in a more consistent and compelling way.We’re also updating the guidelines…clarifying several key points (like our Rotary pins do not change)…providing a brief quick-start visual toolkit…a messaging guide that just focuses on our story…providing specialized help for our official licensees and the Rotary World Press and more.We’re providing talking points you can use as you meet with Rotarians around the world.And, finally, we will be exploring alternative color options to determine if there is a better fit for the organization.
  • Talk about the sample boards and then also discuss testing/validation efforts
  • Rotary March Audit Committee Update on Brand 2014

    1. 1. TITLESTRENGTHENING ROTARY’S BRAND Audit Committee March 2014
    2. 2. TITLE | 2 WHY?
    3. 3. TITLE | 3 MANY DO NOT KNOW ROTARY  Averaged across all ten countries, 32% have “NEVER HEARD" of Rotary
    4. 4. TITLE | 4 STRONG SUPPORT FOR STRENGTHENING ROTARY Modernizing and updating Rotary terminology Renewing RI's image through a 'Strengthening Rotary's Brand' project Leveraging technology to deliver a consistent message to Rotarians and the general public 70% 75% 76% 24% 21% 20% 3% 3% 2% 2% 1% 1% Appropriate Somewhat Appropriate Somewhat Inappropriate Inappropriate
    5. 5. TITLE | 5 • Capture our most relevant points of difference • Ensure our actions support our words • Reflect our distinct character • Help people understand what we do and how to engage • Energize our look and feel while celebrating our heritage VALUE: STRENGTHENING ROTARY’S BRAND
    6. 6. TITLE | 6 OUR MESSAGE
    7. 7. TITLE | 7 What is Rotary?
    9. 9. TITLE | 9 CLARITY JOIN LEADERS EXCHANGE IDEAS TAKE ACTION Connect with leaders from all continents, cultures & occupations Discover and celebrate diverse perspectives Create positive change in our communities • Rotary Clubs • Rotaract Clubs • Interact Clubs • RYLA • International Convention • Youth Exchanges • Shared Interest Fellowships • Peace Fellowships • Club Service Projects • PolioPlus • Rotary Action Groups • Rotary Community Corps
    13. 13. TITLE | 13 In June 2013, the Board adopts a return to the pre-2007 official RI Gold (yellow) of PMS 129U | PMS 130C Gold (yellow) or the equivalent color in other coloring systems, depending on the media in which it is employed;
    14. 14. TITLE | 14
    15. 15. TITLE | 15
    16. 16. TITLE | 16
    17. 17. TITLE | 17
    18. 18. TITLE | 18 ROTARY.ORG
    21. 21. TITLE | 21 EARLY ADOPTERS
    23. 23. TITLE | 23
    24. 24. TITLE | 24
    25. 25. TITLE | 25
    26. 26. TITLE | 26
    27. 27. TITLE | 27 XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX 0000 XXXXXXXX +31 (0) 000 000 000 +31 (0) 000 000 000 Xxxxxxxxxxx
    28. 28. TITLE | 28
    29. 29. TITLE | 29
    30. 30. TITLE | 30
    31. 31. TITLE | 31
    33. 33. TITLE | 33 FEEDBACK / ACTIONS Feedback • Mixed • Focused on logo, not message • Early adopters • Limited input • Past communication has limited audience Actions • More targeted communication – Shift dialogue • Brand center • Training • Simplify guidelines • FAQ • Color exploration
    34. 34. TITLE | 34 RI PROGRAMS VISUAL IDENTITY RESEARCH • Rotaract • RYLA • Youth Exchange