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Madame Doubtfire


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Trabajo libro Madame Doubtfire

Published in: Education
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Madame Doubtfire

  1. 1. PABLO DÍAZ JIMÉNEZ MADAME DOUBTFIRE AUTHOR: Anne Fine SUMMARY: The story is about three children called Natty, Lydia and Daniel that his parents were divorced. Miranda, the children´s mum, couldn´t care of his children, so she put and advert on the newspaper to look for a babby-sister. The dad wasn´t agree with she, and she change the advert to anyone called to the corrected telephone number. Them, some people called Miranda, but nobody wants be his babby- sister; and finnally, called somenone who yes want to be it. Arrived the day of the babby-sister´s interview, and the boys recognaised to their parents, that he worn costumes of babby-sister to be more time with his soons and he could get the job. But a day, Daniel give him account that he wasnt doing the right, because he was acting all the time; so he decided left the job; but the next day she forgot give to Miranda the note that said this. And before he could say this to Miranda, she found out the lie and they had some very hard fight. Finally, they reached an agreement: Daniel will take care of the garden and help to childs with their homework and Miranda pay to he for do it. VOCABULARY: • Tear (9)- Lágrima- She cried and she spent a lot of tears. • Dishes (9)- Platos- Please, give me a dish, I want put the food on him. • Envelope (10)- Sobre- I need an envelope to send this postcard. • Tissue (12)- Pañuelo de papel- She dry her tears with a tissue. • Cheeks (18)- Mejilla- She give me a kiss on my cheek when she went out. • Sweetie (19)- Cariño- He called me "Sweetie" went we were at bed. • Polite (21)- Educado- When you´re talking with unknown, you must be polite. • Hairy (24)- Peludo- The bears are hairy. • Truth (25)- Verdad- You always must say the truth. • Handsome (28)- Hermoso- Today do an handsome day. • Mind (33)- Importar- Although he is very sily, I don´t mind. • Glad (34)- Alegre- Yesterday was his birthay, but she wasn´t glad. • Dining room (36)- Comedor- The dining room of the school is really big. • Shawl (44)- Chal- My grandmother works doing shawls. • Teachers´ strike (45)- Huelga del profesorado- In my school there isn´t any teachers´ strike. • Hug (51)- Abrazar- When she arrived, I hugged him. CHARACTERES: • Daniel: He is Natty, Lydia and Chris´ dad. He has got a kind face and happy eyes. He is childish and a little neglected. • Miranda: She is the ex wife of Daniel, she has got green eyes and she is redhead. She works a lot and haven´t got much time to his children. • The children: They are the three soons of Daniel and Miranda. They are called Lydia, Chris and Natty. They are 12, 10 and 6 years old. They are very mature and clever.