Implementation of video and audio, EMRO Conference


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Implementation of video and audio
stream measurement in Poland
EMRO conference

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Implementation of video and audio, EMRO Conference

  1. 1. Bucharest, June 1-4 2013Implementation of video and audiostream measurement in PolandEMRO conference
  2. 2. Polish Internet Research sp o.o. (PBI),was founded by leading publishers inPoland, in order to develop a standardinternet research in Poland. PBI isowned by companies, who own thelargest domestic websites such as:Agora S.A., S.A., Sp. z o.o., Wirtualna Polska S.A.,GG Network S.A., Murator S.A.,Polskapresse Sp. z o.o., RingierAxel Springer Poland Sp. z o.o.,and Redefine Sp. z o.o.PBI promotes trustworthy and reliablestudy of the Polish Internet as anessential tool for on-line advertisers.PBIs mission is to contribute to thedevelopment of Polish Internet asa medium audited and, therefore,credible to advertisers, advertisingagencies, investors, and all thosecompanies whose activities areassociated with the Internet.Polish Internet Research Sp. z o.o (pbi)PANTONE CMYK
  3. 3. Internet market in Poland– Basic Facts
  4. 4. Poland is one of the most important online markets in the CEE regionInternet market in PolandSource: Gemius AUDIENCE. MEGAPANEL PBI/GEMIUS, DATA ACCORDING TO XII 20112,63,64,14,65,97,713,616,822,655Number of Internet users aged 15 + [mln]RussiaTurkeyPolandUkraineRomaniaCzech RepublicHungaryBelarusBulgariaSlovakia
  5. 5. Local website players have a strong position on the Polish internet marketInternet market in PolandSource: MEGAPANEL PBI/GEMIUS, DATA ACCORDING TO III 2012Ranking of groups of websites and websitesungrouped [TOP20]LNumber of Real Users Reach (%)1 GROUP GOOGLE 17,27 MLN 86%2 FACEBOOK.COM 13,78 MLN 69%3 YOUTUBE.COM 13,45 MLN 67%4 GROUP ONET.PL 13,44 MLN 67%5 GROUP WIRTUALNA POLSKA -ORANGE 12,16 MLN 61%6 GROUP GAZETA.PL 12,10 MLN 60%7 GROUP INTERIA.PL 11,67 MLN 58%8 GROUP ALLEGRO.PL 11,35 MLN 57%9 GROUP WIKIPEDIA 9,81 MLN 49%10 GROUP O2.PL 9,12 MLN 45%11 GROUP GG NETWORK 8,38 MLN 42%12 GROUP NK.PL 8,05 MLN 40%13 GROUP RINGIER AXEL SPRINGER 6,46 MLN 32%14 GROUP POLSKAPRESSE 6,19 MLN 31%15 GROUP MURATOR 6,04 MLN 30%16 GRUPA MICROSOFT 5,45 MLN 27%17 GRUPA NEXT INFOR 4,94 MLN 25%18 GRUPA MONEY.PL 4,87 MLN 24%19 GRUPA TVN 4,84 MLN 24%20 DOBREPROGRAMY.PL 4,38 MLN 22%
  6. 6. The value of advertising market in 2012 exceeded2,2 billion Polish Zloty [~0,5 bn EUR]Internet market in PolandSource: IAB POLAND/ PWC adex 2012’fyThe amount of advertising spendings on online advertising in Poland[EUR bn gross value]0,180,290,330,380,482007 2008 2009 2010 20110,522012+64% +13% +15% +26% +10%spendings [w EUR bn]
  7. 7. Spending on online advertising in Poland and EuropeInternet market in PolandSource: IAB POLAND/ PWC adex 2012’fyThe amount of advertising spending on online advertising in 2012[EUR bn gross value]6,64,62,81,5 1,4 1,20,9 0,8 0,6 0,6 0,5Great Britain Germany France Russia Italy Netherlands Spain Sweden Norway Denmark Polandspendings [w EUR bn]
  8. 8. Video content is very popular in Polish internet.Within a month 3/4 of Internet users visit video websites.Internet market in PolandSource: megapanel pbi/gemius, xii 2005 – xii 2012The number of visitors and visitors reach of video category in 2005-2013visitors reach (%)numer of visitors (mln)1,46,57,88,912,114,015,0 14,62005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 201249%55% 57%70%76% 76%15%79%
  9. 9. Video contentYouTube is the most popular videowebsite in Poland. It is used by twothirds of Internet users (13.45 million).Polish websites are much less popular- Wrzuta attracts 2.5 million visitors, 1.3 million.However polish video websites strengthis the wide content variation: usergenerated content, licensed content,live broadcasts, motion picture films,television productions, materialfilmed especially for the Internet.Internet market in PolandSource: megapanel pbi/gemius iii 2013WebsiteReal users– III 20131 13 448 9962 Ipla (aplikacja + 3 204 3163 2 805 9214 2 561 0185 2 546 2226 1 776 4397 1 370 2558 1 341 5319 1 051 23910 1 038 057
  10. 10. Most popular audio websitesInternet market in PolandSource: megapanel pbi/gemius iii 2013WebsiteReal users– III 20131 1 732 5902 1 290 1213 680 9014 643 6885 623 414All radio broadcasters have not onlytheir websites, but also share livestream broadcasts and podcasts.The most popular websites of radio stationsare: Eska (reach 8,6%), Polskie Radio ( all thestations of the Polish Radio transmit on the samesite – 3,1% reach) andTokFM (reach 3,4%).
  11. 11. Megapanel PBI/Gemius –standard for online audiencemeasurement
  12. 12. MEGAPANEL PBI/GEMIUS - Basic InformationPrincipal: Polish Internet Research Ltd.Implementation: Gemius S.A.Objective:The aim of the study is to findout the number and demographic profileof Internet users, and the way they use thewebsites and applications.The study is used to compare popularity ofsites and applications, and estimate theiradvertising potential with the help of well-defined indicators.Form of study: panel of Internet users,with a structure that reflects the populationof Polish Internet usersNumber of respondents: about10,000 panelists.Methodology: measuring real-time ac-tivity via a specially installed on the userscomputer application. Audit site-centric(optional).Number of sites and applications understudy: about 7000The frequency of data reporting: once amonth (plus 7-day data)Forms of access to the results: the appli-cation with the full results of the Megapaneland dedicated reportsUse of data: buying and planning media,market and competition analysis
  13. 13. MEGAPANEL PBI/GEMIUSAs part of the Megapanel, PBI currently meas-ures visiting the websites presenting videocontent, as well as pages owned by radio sta-tions, presenting such indicators as: numberof visitors, page views, time spent on the sitesor website socio-demographic profile.But this is still only measurement of vis-iting websites, not measurement of broad-casting streaming video / audio on thesesites. We know e.g. how many people visiteda site, but we can not measure what kind ofactivities were carried out on these pages.We do not know how much time on the sitewas spent on reading content, and how muchon listening to the audio or watching thevideo.The market also expected that our data willbe comparable to telemetry, and provide datato compare the use of video on the web withtelevision watching.
  14. 14. Measurement of the use of audioand video content online
  15. 15. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS1. EstablishmentWorking Team for thestream measurement2. Wording expectations formeasurement by the Working Group3. Press releases in the media aboutthe contest offers, direct invitationsto selected research companiesto participate in the contest4. Submission of tenders with thevaluation by the research companies5. Meetings with companiesthat have reported participa-tion, evaluation of tenders6. Supplier selection, negotiationand signing of the contract7. Communicated to the marketchoosing the provider,announcement rules integrationinto the measuring stream8. Implementationof the measurementContest offers - supplier selection procedure
  16. 16. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS›  In November 2011, the Working Groupwas established›  The team included representativesof PBI and the shareholders of thecompany.›  Works of team coordinated thePresident of PBI›  The teams objective was to create adocument with the assumptions andexpectations of the methodologicaland technical details of streammeasurement›  The team held several workingmeetings, and on December 8team submitted a final documentdescribing measurement’s needs inthree areas: the purpose and object ofmeasurement, the reported indicators,way of reporting measurementresults.1. Establishment Working Teamfor the stream
  17. 17. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS›  The implemented solution shouldallow the measure of any video / audiostream player›  The measurement should be carriedout on the client side (the player) andnot the server, which is we expect theactual measurement of user behavior›  The method should measure allactivities on the player, including alsoall the activities, which are key towatch the stream, e.g., stop, pause,rewind›  The basis for measuring is the stream,which should be defined by thenumber of attributes, such as thematiccategory, user ID, place of emission,exact date and time of playback,model of broadcasting vod / live (it wasdefined 13 attributes)›  The process of categorization shouldbe done at the level of multimediacontent (not on the level of service/ website). Categorization should becommon to all of the entities2. Wording expectations for measurementby the Working Team
  18. 18. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS›  The measurement should enablereporting player users demographicprofile, as well as a number ofindicators of content such as thenumber of vistitors watching orlistening to the stream material,the number of views of materials,the average time per user (includingdefined 10 indicators)›  Key indicators should be presentedalong with the current indicators andthe results of Megapanel research,using gemiusExplorer application.›  Moreover, the potential suppliershould present the idea of ​​linkingresults of stream measurement withweb and application measurement inthe present study Megapanel.2. Wording expectations for measurementby the Working Group – cont.
  19. 19. ›  December 14, 2011, the PBI announceda competitive bid for measuring streamin Poland.›  Besides the information in the media,the invitation was sent directly to theresearch companies: comScore, Gemius,Nielsen and Spring.›  Time limit for receipt of tenderswas scheduled, on the basis of amethodology for the StreamTeam, forJanuary 10, 2012.›  At the request of the tenderers deadlinewas extended to January 25 2012MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS3. Announcement in the media aboutthe contest offers. Direct invitations to selectedresearch companies to participate contest
  20. 20. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS›  The Working Group after analyzing theproposals decided to invite bidders for additionalmeetings to accurately discuss the proposedmethodological and technical solutions.›  The meetings were heldin February 2012.›  Then, the Working Group has assessed each ofthe proposals on the eight dimensions: support,compliance with technical requirements, availableindicators, reporting demographics, contentcategorization, reporting and analytical tools,form of the distribution of results, the cost ofimplementation.4. Submission of tenderswith the valuation by theresearch companies5. Meetings with companies thathave reported participation,evaluation of proposals›  Proposals for streammeasurement were submittedby 3 research companies:Gemius, Nielsen and Spring.comScore has declaredinterest of measuring thePolish market online, butonly when the measurementwill cover the entire market,such as the use of the sites/ applications, and mobilemeasurement.
  21. 21. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTSTab. Summary of suppliers’ tenders (part of table)CRITERIAWEIGHTED RATINGS 0-100 pkt1st Company 2nd Company 3rd CompanyCOMPLIANCEWITHTHETECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS (TECHNICALSPECIFICATIONS) 12,4 12,7 10,9base the measurement on the stream 3,0 3,0 2,9measurement carried out on the client side (the player) 3,4 3,5 2,7players covered by measurement 3,0 2,7 2,5measurement of key actions on the player 3,0 3,5 2,8INDICATORS 14,2 15,4 14,0basic indicators of stream consumption 6,5 6,7 6,4enhanced rates of stream consumption 4,2 4,7 4,0possibility of extending the measurement of stream consumption 3,6 2,5 2,6DEMOGRAPHY 14,8 11,0 9,5test methodology of viewers demography 6,4 4,7 3,4available demography indicators 4,8 3,8 3,5possibility of extending the measure of demographics 3,6 2,5 2,6CONTENT CATEGORIZATION 11,4 11,2 9,7public categorization - range 3,2 3,4 2,4public categorization - setting mode 2,6 2,8 2,5public categorization - modeandtheabilityto make changes 2,5 2,0 1,9private categorization 3,1 3,0 2,9REPORTING AND ANALYSIS TOOL 9,9 12,7 7,7
  22. 22. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS5. Meetings with companies that have reportedparticipation, evaluation of proposals  cont.›  Each of the evaluated dimensionsadditionally was divided intocomponents (e.g. compliance withthe technical requirements: basethe measurement on the stream,measurement carried out on the clientside (the player), players covered bymeasurement, measurement of keyactions on the player).›  Furthermore, each component hasits own weight (in the range of 0 to100%).›  Each member of the Working Group(8 people) made ​​an independentassessment of each proposal within all31 components.›  As regards technical andmethodological solutions, the highestrated proposal obtained the markwhich was higher than another withonly two points (81 vs. 79 points.)›  The beginning of April 2012, theWorking Group submitted to thePresident of PBI report concerningworks of the group.The report includedevaluation of received proposals andrecommendation on the selection ofresearch company.
  23. 23. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS›  For further negotiations, based on theWorking Group recommendations, it wasselected Gemius.›  The next eight months it took the finalclarifying the methodology and thetechnical side of measurement (e.g.,scripting, data collection, combiningdata with the results Megapanel at thepresentation layer), and the setting ofbusiness principles and contract provisions.7. Communicated to the marketchoosing the provider,announcement rules integrationinto the measuring stream6. Supplier selection,negotiation and signingof the contract›  January 21st 2013 PBI and Gemiusin a joint press release announcedabout concluding an agreement onthe implementation of the streammeasurement in Poland.›  At the same time it was announcedbranch consultation about proposedmethod of categorizing materials.
  24. 24. type category subcategoryAUDIOradioeditorial podcastnews servicebusiness, finance, lawpoliticssporthumourmusicculture and arttechnologiessocietyhistoryrecipesscience and educationautomotivebaby kidshealth and beautyreligiontravelotherpodcast usergenerated contentotherMEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS7. Communicated to the market choosing the provider, announcementrules integration into the measuring stream cont.›  30 January 2013, were held consultations withvideo/audio publishers and broadcasters. Theiraim was to: – providing technical and methodologicalassumptions of the study, – determination the way of thematiccategorization of stream material and the waythey are presented in the media tree.›  As a result of consultations there wereaccepted two different ways of thematiccategorization of audio and video materials.›  It was also assumed a three-stage, ahierarchical structure of the media tree:publisher player, brand, thematic categories.
  25. 25. type category subcategoryAUDIOfilmcomedydrama / moralhorroractiondocumentfamilyfantasy / sci-fiotherseriesonline seriescomedymoralhorroractiondocumentparadocumentfamilyfantasy / sci-firealityotherinformation andpublicisminformationpublicismbusiness, finance, lawweatherothersport winter sportsfootballvolleyballbasketballMEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS7. Communicated to the market choosing the provider, announcementrules integration into the measuring stream cont.  cd.›  For video was adopted 10 thematiccategories: – movies – series – information and journalism – sport – leisure and culture – lifestyle / hints / manuals – children – user generated content – erotic – otherFor both video and audio, the material can beclassified to a single category / subcategory only.
  26. 26. MEASUREMENT OF streaming CONTENTS›  Since March 2013, the first publishersbegan implementing measurementscripts.›  The first test file, integrated with theMegapanel study, will include result forMay 2013.›  The commercial launch of the studyand the regular publication of resultson the market will take place in thethird quarter of 2013. To audit hasalready joined: Agora, WirtualnaPolska,, GG Network,Redefine,›  Negotiations are underway with thenext 8 publishers.8. Implementationof the measurement
  27. 27. Polskie Badania Internetu Sp. z o.o. Polish Internet Research LLC al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, lok. 3.175 00 - 697 Warszawa tel. (022) 630 72 68, fax (022) 630 72 67E-mail more