Wind Turbine Zoning


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Wind Turbine Zoning

  1. 1. The Planning & Zoning Resource Corp.(800) 344-2944 Wind Turbine Zoning
  2. 2. » Wind turbine zoning presents a dilemma and challenge to any local community seeking to promote green development and sustainability.» Modern utility-scale wind turbines are large structures and roughly 25 stories tall. Their construction often represents a significant change to previously open rural and agricultural landscapes.
  3. 3. » Most municipality zoning laws are old and do not mention wind farms. Should a request arise, they simply wouldnt know how to deal with such a request.» Officials with no previous expertise in wind energy systems now have a guide for reference.
  4. 4. The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners haspresented a paper titled "Wind Energy & Wind Park Siting and Zoning BestPractices and Guidance for States" which throws light on rules andregulations that ultimately guide wind power siting and zoning decisions,which then directly affect the planning, design, development, construction,and operations of wind parks.
  5. 5. This report summarizes the wind energy siting and zoning practices inall 50 states.Part I reports on a survey conducted of each state’s wind energy siting andzoning practices. It also briefly reviews the nature of wind-park opposition andlists the major concerns that are usually raised.Part II summarizes best practices for the procedures used to manage windenergy siting and zoningPart III presents guidelines for wind power development, includingrecommended approaches to critical issues: noise; shadow flicker; ice throw;wildlife; aesthetics; competing land uses; permit requirements formeteorological (met) towers, construction, and facility safety; anddecommissioning. That part of the report identifies the criteria commonly usedand includes the best available information about applying those criteria todetermine siting and zoning practices. That discussion is followed by a briefsummary and conclusions.This report can be downloaded from here.
  6. 6. » Survey coordination for large projects such as wind or solar farms is available from national survey coordination firms such as SRN, Smith- Roberts National Corporation.» Zoning documents and analysis may be obtained from PZR, The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation.
  7. 7. Americas Leading Zoning ConsultantCreator and Sole Provider of the PZR Report ® Request a Free Quote Get the answers you need, today.