Miami 21 Zoning Code


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Miami 21 Zoning Code: : PZR is America's Largest Zoning Consultant & Provider of Zoning Due Diligence Services. Visit us today.

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Miami 21 Zoning Code

  1. 1. The Planning & Zoning Resource Corp.(800) 344-2944 Miami 21 Zoning Code
  2. 2. » According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Miamis metro area is the seventh most populous and fourth-largest urban area in the United States, with a population of around 5.5 million.» While tourism continues to be the core industry in Miami, the citys economy has become more diversified. Miami is a major center of commerce, finance, and boasts a strong international business community.
  3. 3. » Several major corporations are headquartered in or around Miami, including but not limited to: Akerman Senterfitt, Alien ware, Arquitectonica, Arrow Air, Bacardi, Benihana, Bright star Corporation, Burger King, etc.» Because of its proximity to Latin America, Miami serves as the headquarters of Latin American operations for many corporations, including American Airlines, Cisco, Exxon, FedEx, Kraft Foods, LEO Pharma Americas, etc. Miami
  4. 4. Since 2001, Miami has been undergoing a large commercial building boom.According to an article in NY Times “Real estate investors seem to beflocking to Miami Beach, in hopes of capturing part of the market’sresurgent tourism industry by acquiring, or by expanding their investmentsin, the limited supply of hotel properties. Buoyed by an economic reboundin tourism after the recession initially drove away some business,competitive bidding has pushed prices for some hotel properties to recordhighs. Venerable establishments along Miami Beach’s Art Deco district thathave undergone makeovers include the Royal Palm and the Ritz Plaza, anda renovation is under way at the former Gansevoort. “
  5. 5. Miami 21 Zoning Code» The Miami 21 code replaced an old zoning code that critics said encouraged haphazard, over scale development and fostered an urban environment that favored autos over pedestrians.» The new, urban-oriented code requires new buildings to have pedestrian- friendly, sidewalk-hugging frontages to foster street activity represents the "Miami of the 21st Century" and entails a holistic approach to land use and urban planning.
  6. 6. » The American Planning Association (APA) has selected the City of Miami to receive the 2011 National Planning Excellence Award for Best Practice for Miami 21.» For the first time ever in a major U.S. city, Miami 21 uses a form-based zoning code - a method of regulating development to achieve a specific urban form that improves the relationship between streets and the public realm.» Miami 21 is also geared to ensure sustainability, predictability and efficiency in development, growth and planning. One of the key strengths of Miami 21 is its incorporation of responsible environmental stewardship. It also will make neighborhoods more pedestrian-friendly.
  7. 7. » Miami 21 takes into account all of the integral factors that make each area within the City a unique, vibrant place to live, learn, work and play.» Six elements served as the lynchpins in the development of the blueprint of Miami: Zoning (Miami 21 Zoning Code), Economic Development, Historic Preservation, Parks and Open Spaces, Arts and Culture, and Transportation.
  8. 8. If your firm needs zoning due diligence performed or zoning reports,analysis and documents produced in a cost effective and quick manner,please call the Planning and Zoning Resource Company (PZR).
  9. 9. » The PZR® staff possesses over 125 combined years of background, education and practice in Municipal Zoning and Survey Review..» Their success in dealing with communities across the United States has made them the Zoning Due Diligence leader in the Real Estate Industry. They have the range and scope of experience no other company can match
  10. 10. Americas Leading Zoning ConsultantCreator and Sole Provider of the PZR Report ® Request a Free Quote Get the answers you need, today.