Chicago Zoning Due Diligence and ALTA Survey


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PZR is the oldest established zoning due diligence company. We provide reliable site zoning analysis and compliance review documents.

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Chicago Zoning Due Diligence and ALTA Survey

  1. 1. The Planning & Zoning Resource Corp. (800) 344-2944 Chicago Zoning Due Diligence and ALTA Survey
  2. 2. The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation has been assisting clients in the Chicago area with Zoning due diligence services for almost twenty years.
  3. 3. Smith-Roberts National Corporation , a sister company, features experts in coordinating and managing complex multi-site and multi-state land title surveys and providing the ALTA surveys for these projects. Together we help clients operate at the highest level of efficiency when it comes to any commercial real estate transaction.
  4. 4. Portfolios or transactions with cost sensitive deadlines are handled effectively and professionally by both teams and a single point of contact for ALTA survey and all zoning requirements provides the project manager with efficiencies and peace of mind.
  5. 5. Examples of zoning requirements may be found here Chicago zoning reference guide and is also available for download here. This document summarizes zoning classification and licensing requirements for common business types.
  6. 6. The City of Chicago : Zoning Ordinance Administration website explains all rules, regulations and protocols for conducting business in the city. Please review this screenshot from the Amlegal .com website – which also illustrates several aspects of the typical Chicago Zoning Ordinance.
  7. 7. As one begins to review the various sections, classifications, PDFs, amendments, and more it becomes clear that for commercial real estate transactions it is much safer and cost effective to hire a zoning expert firm like PZR to research zoning regulations and provide professional zoning documents approved by mortgage companies and lendors.
  8. 8. Large commercial transactions spanning across multiple states or consisting of multiple sites, thorough zoning research is needed which can be very tedious, expensive and time consuming for the buyer or lender. <ul><li>Zoning laws come into play on every single commercial real estate </li></ul><ul><li>transaction and prior to the transaction completion, zoning due </li></ul><ul><li>diligence is required. </li></ul><ul><li>A zoning verification letter may be one part of the overall zoning </li></ul><ul><li>research and analysis. </li></ul>
  9. 9. The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation has been an integral part of some of the largest multi-site transactions on record, as well as single site transactions financed by local and national lenders. The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation is the creator and sole provider of The PZR Report® (Zoning Report) which sets the standard in zoning reports, letters, analysis, endorsements and is highly recognized and accepted by virtually every segment of the commercial real estate industry.  
  10. 10. The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation will obtain all available municipal documents such as:  a) Zoning Verification Letters b) Zoning Reports (PZR Report)  c) Building and Zoning Code Violation Letters  d) Certificates of Occupancy  e) Building Permits  f) Variances (Special Use Permits or Conditional Use Permits)  g) Planned Unit Developments  h) Site Plans  i) Zoning Codes  j) Certificate of Zoning Compliance 
  11. 11. The Planning and Resource Corporation recommends PZR Zoning Reports® because they are supported by local municipal documentation which provides project staff with a reliable, independently confirmed statement that speaks to the compliance status of the property.  PZR will also provide assistance in resolving specific zoning issues or non-conformities that are revealed out of this review process.  
  12. 12. America's Leading Zoning Consultant Creator and Sole Provider of the PZR Report ® Request a Free Quote Get the answers you need, today.