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Friday, April 19, 2013 Jacques Macaire/jacmacaire humby and Monique Richert/Chayenn are the speakers at 9am SL time at Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater

BE A PROTECTOR program is presented by Jacques Macaire, Sustainable Human Development Director at Protect Yourself 1 in support of EARTH DAY

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PY1 Earth Day on NPC

  1. 1. EventIn support ofEarth DayApril 22, 2013Second Life / Nonprofit Commons, April 19, 2013
  2. 2. PY1 TeamChayennMonique RichertExecutive Directorliltank thibedeauRicky DavisSocial Media Directorjacmacaire humbyJacques MacaireSustainable Development Director
  3. 3. Protect Yourself 1 - PY1 is a media-driven agency with a focus on providingHIV Awareness, Education and Prevention in innovative ways. PY1 has ahistory of development and implementation of social marketing mediacampaigns and services in Baltimore, Maryland and nationally.In 2011, Sarvana Haalan convinced PY1 to join Second Life, Techsoupdonated a space, Hydra Shaftoe built PY1 office on NonProfit Commons, andmany avatars-friends contributed to PY1 virtual presence….To have created a virtual office gave an opportunity to PY1 to network,collaborate, create events, fundraise, entertain, educate and promote itsprograms and services. Thanks to TechSoup, PY1 is exploring and utilizing thevirtual world, Second Life, to forward its mission: HIV and STD Awareness,Education and Prevention, globally.
  4. 4. PY1 is a non-profit organization whose stated mission is toeducate people about HIV/AIDS and related diseases.Exploitation of the environment has lead to increasedhuman exposure to disease. To protect ourselves from thisexposure, we must increase our awareness of threats toanimals and our ecosystem. Protecting ourselves meanscreating new models for healthy living.The interdependence between Health, Wild Life andEnvironment is a priority at PY1. To respond to the issueswe are committed to developing and sharing specificactions to:PROTECT YOUR LIFEPROTECT WILD LIFEPROTECT YOUR PLANET
  5. 5. PROTECT YOUR LIFE• Safe2Live: a social marketing media campaign targeting youth 8 – 13• Great2Know: a college tour targeting young adults 16 – 24• Protect Yourself: a media campaign targeting adults
  6. 6. PROTECT YOUR LIFEFounded by Monique Richert /ChayennSafe2Live© Campaign uses:• a Public Service Announcement• the Mobile Puppet Theater• our website,• a virtual world presence in JokaydiaGridas accessible outreach tools, for engaging andeducating the most vulnerable demographic andtarget audience: youth ages 8-13.•PY1 in OpenSimJokaydiaGRIDRegion: PY1 (177, 90, 24)
  7. 7. Safe2Live in JokaydiaGridCreating the Safe2Live in JokaydiaGrid allowsthe campaign to provide information, resourcesand support for under-served populationsnationally and internationally.JokaydiaGrid is the ideal option for elementaryschool students, teachers, and parents lookingto experience 3D science-based learning.The creation of virtual-world-based Safe2Livee-learning experience gives communitystakeholders, community based organizations,educators and parents another way to educateyouth about HIV/AIDS and STDs prevention,associated stigma, and commonly associatedchallenges related to the AIDS epidemic.
  8. 8. PROTECT YOUR LIFESafe2LiveWe believe that, by adapting Safe2Live intervention to a virtual worldformat, we have created a cost-effective and proven model, that canserve many more youth, not just in the Washington-Baltimore corridor,but literally anywhere.
  9. 9. PROTECT YOUR LIFE  Great2Know  Great2Know uses STEM, live speaker, music, video,DJ performances, social media networks to bring HIVawareness & testing to colleges around the nation.John Manuel AndrioteProgram DirectorJournalist – Writerinfo@Great2Know.orgliltank thibedeauRicky DavisSocial Media
  10. 10. PROTECT YOUR LIFEProtect Yourself  The Protect Yourself Campaign is designed to impact adults and seniors withpositive messages of responsibility and awareness, through various media,including a 5-minute Protect Yourself music video,a 30-second Public Service Announcement,and the multi-lingual Stop Signs Project.
  11. 11. PROTECT  WILD  LIFE      The Project Arrowhead serviceencourages awareness andeducation for all youth, especiallythose living in high-risk areas whereHIV and related diseases have analarming infection rate.The service, using hands-onactivities involving horses, yoga,health education, nature andecology, delivers an overall messageof social and personal awarenessand responsibility, which helps youthto develop a sense of mutual respectfor themselves, and the iconic wildMustang.Project Arrowhead increases positiveyouth behaviors and wild horsepreservation.Founded by Jean Albert Renaud /JAR
  12. 12. The BE A PROTECTOR campaign uses social networks, virtualreality and consulting to aware and educate the most vulnerablepopulations about environmental sustainability.By introducing life-changing information about wellness andhealth in an entertaining way the program engages participantsfrom all walks of life to be responsible, to change their behaviorsand generate the change to protect our planet.Jacques MacaireSustainable Development DirectorSL avatar : jacmacaire humby
  13. 13. Jacques MacaireSustainable Development DirectorSL avatar : jacmacaire humbyA hope of sustainable livingThe BE A PROTECTOR campaign proposes the creation of real andvirtual communities to create environmental sustainable solutions toprotect our planet. By joining diverse communities around the world,which have already started their own initiatives, the campaign is anextraordinary and exciting adventure.The BE A PROTECTOR campaign makes Protectors aware of theirresponsibilities, engages them in the fight against the environmentalglobal crisis, proposes actions to resolve global sustainability problems,and becomes part of the solution; a healthier and safer planet.
  14. 14. Jacques MacaireSustainable Development DirectorSL avatar : jacmacaire humbyTo learn more and to become an active participant inBE A PROTECTORContact :Jacques Macaireinfo@beaprotector.orgjacmaire humby in
  15. 15. Thank you all…!!!Follow 491