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Today's young people are the first generation who have never known a world without HIV and AIDS. In the United States, one in three new HIV infections is among youth ages 13 to 24. Despite this harsh reality, young people and their allies are determined to end this pandemic once and for all.

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PY1 National Youth HIV AIDS Awareness Day

  1. 1. Welcome to thePY1 Virtual Office inSecond Lifeon Nonprofit Commons Event Sponsored by The Annie E. Casey Foundation in support of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day February 7 , 2013 Protect Yourself 1, Inc. (PY1), a Non-Profit Corporation with Federal Tax Exempt Status 501 (c) (3) operating in Maryland since August 2005.
  2. 2. National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day There are more than 1.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States, including more than 510,000 African-Americans. Although Blacks represent only 12 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 44 percent of new cases of HIV every year and 44 percent of those living with HIV. According to the CDC,although Black teens represent only 15 percent of all U.S. teenagers,they account for 70 percent of all new AIDS diagnoses among teens. Despite all the efforts to educate and uplift,HIV still remains a serious issue for the African American community, one that can’t be deemed important just one day out of the year.
  3. 3. PY1 is a media-driven agency with a focus onproviding HIV Awareness, Education and Prevention in innovative ways.PY1 has a history of development and implementation of social marketing media campaigns and services in Baltimore, Maryland and regionally.
  4. 4. Our Missionto increase Awareness, Education, and Prevention of HIV and related diseases by using art, entertainment, ecology, events, horses, nature, games, and virtual reality to foster a sense of individual responsibility that encourages positive behavioral change. Our Goals to decrease the taboos, myths and stigma associated with the HIV virus, and to lower the number of new infections by reducing risk behaviors.
  5. 5. PY1s Educational and Entertainment Program features:• Safe2Live: a social marketing media campaign targeting youth 8 - 13• Great2Know: a college tour targeting young adults 16 - 24• Protect Yourself: a media campaign targeting adults• Project Arrowhead: nature and horses service targeting youth 10 - 16 The PY1 campaigns and services provide HIV and STD Awareness, Education, and Prevention for underserved at-risk populations.
  6. 6. Safe2LiveOur Safe2Live© team uses:• a Public Service Announcement• the Mobile Puppet Theater• our website,• a virtual world presence in JokaydiaGridas accessible outreach tools, for engaging andeducating the most vulnerable demographic andtarget audience: youth ages 8-13.•
  7. 7. Safe2Live Movies• PSA• Mobile Puppet Theater• Safe2Live in JokaydiaGrid• Safe2Live event in a Baltimore City Public SchoolAll movies are streamed inthe PY1 Second Life office.You can also watch them, or onthe website .
  8. 8. Mobile Puppet Theater Safe2Live features a Mobile Puppet Theater, sponsored by The Annie E. Casey Foundation. It offers a fun, entertaining, and interactive outreach for educating youth ages 8-13 in targeted communities that are at risk for HIV/AIDS transmission. The effectiveness of Safe2Live’s Mobile Puppet Theater, a science- based program, is proven by the documented results of the pre and post surveys.
  9. 9. Safe2Live in JokaydiaGrid• Safe2Live: using the virtual platform of JokaydiaGRID to engage AT-RISK Youth for HIV Prevention• The Mobile Puppet Theater characters are integrated into the OpenSim virtual world platform. They help educate the targeted audiences via videos, self-paced games and quizzes, information note cards, and themed music. PY1 in OpenSim JokaydiaGRID Region: PY1 (177, 90, 24)
  10. 10. Safe2Live in JokaydiaGridCreating the Safe2Live in OpenSim/ JokaydiaGridallows the campaign to provide information,resources and support for under-servedpopulations nationally and internationally.OpenSim is the ideal option for elementaryschool students, teachers, and parents lookingto experience 3D science-based learning.The creation of virtual-world-based Safe2Livee-learning experience gives communitystakeholders, community based organizations,educators and parents another way to educateyouth about HIV and STD prevention, HIV/AIDS-associated stigma, and commonly associatedchallenges related to the AIDS epidemic.
  11. 11. Avatars Team Ricky Davis Social Media Director SL Avatar: Dyverse Steele JokaydiaGRID Avatar: ?????Monique RichertExecutive DirectorSL Avatar: ChayennJokaydiaGRID Avatar: monique richert Jacques MacaireSustainable Development Director SL Avatar: jacmacaire humby
  12. 12. Safe2Live We believe that, by adapting Safe2Live intervention to a virtual world format,we have created a cost-effective and proven model, that can serve many more youth, not just in Baltimore City, but literally anywhere.
  13. 13. Safe2Live Sponsors Protect Yourself 1, Inc. realizes that when we educate our youth, we also protect the future of our communities and nation.The more pre-adolescents are informed and made aware of safe choices,the more the incidence of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) can be reduced in our communities. And, subsequently, the quality of life there can be improved. Educating youth at a young age, and showing a respect for their knowledge, is what is needed to help avoid an increase of HIV and STD infections.
  14. 14. Protect YourselfThe Protect Yourself Campaign is designed to impact adults andseniors with positive messages of responsibility and awareness, through various media, including a 5-minute Protect Yourself music video, a 30-second Public Service Announcement, and the multi-lingual Stop Signs Project.
  15. 15. Great2Know Great2Know is PY1’s newest campaign,which uses live speakers, music, video, and DJ performances to bring our content to colleges around the nation.
  16. 16. Project Arrowhead The Project Arrowhead service encourages awareness and education for all youth, especially those living in high-risk areas where HIV and related diseases have an alarming infection rate. The service, using hands-on activities involving the wild horse, nature, yoga and ecology, delivers an overall message of social and personal awareness and responsibility, which helps the youth develop a sense of mutual respect for themselves, their future as Americans, and the iconic wild Mustang, and by doing so increases positive youth behaviors and wild horse preservation.
  17. 17. Let’s have fun with DJ Steele!Dyverse Steele airs PSAs Safe2Live and Protect Yourself from his online radio station
  18. 18. In 2012, Protect Yourself 1 was recognized for its exceptional performance by special thanks to: NPC
  19. 19. Thank you !!! Contact Us Monique Richert/ChayennRicky Davis /Dyverse Steele 443 491 3634 Follow us