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Coding for Community - Team Urban Grit

Coding for Community - Team Urban Grit's team solution. A presentation for Sustainable NJ's civic tech competition to solve local issues.

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Coding for Community - Team Urban Grit

  1. 1. by Team Urban Grit for 2017 Sustainable Jersey Coding for Community (CfC) competition
  2. 2. A portal to pay taxes, a portal to connect with DWP, a portal for tenants and property maintenance as well as a portal to rate contractors were removed from the statement of need by the City of East Orange. What was kept is intended to focus on and complement their Sustainable EO and Economic Development Strategies. Additionally, the name of the platform was changed to APP East Orange!
  3. 3. “An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your mobile device.While the word "app" has gained popularity in the context of mobile devices, it still applies more broadly to programs in general, and this usage has become more common.” - Life Wire
  4. 4. On the surface APP East Orange! looks like a simple website. It’s not. APP East Orange! is a crisp portal connecting you to government services and resources, a market place for local artisans and contractors, and a social network for Green Team members. Go on. Navigate through the responsive design on your computer, tablet or smart phone by selecting icons and a drop down menu. Payments can be made on the Market Place through PayPal. Green Team members can create accounts on the social media site Sustainable EO. Found on the domain, the portal is set to engage East Orange residents in the upcoming Master Plan Reexamination and other municipal strategies and actions.
  5. 5. Long Term Departmental consistency in messaging communicated through an all-in-one platform Empowers residents and encourages creativity amongst all skill levels and sectors “Create local, Shop local” increases income of residents while inspiring and empowering the arts locally Solidifies City’s commitment to innovation Short Term Educates residents on redevelopment, economic development and land use locally Solidifies the City of East Orange’s commitment to supporting local artisans and contractors through a “Create local, Shop local” initiative Increases likelihood of buy in of city programs Technology allows the municipality to craft its messaging precisely and increase public engagement
  6. 6. This solution is custom designed for the City of East Orange.To the best of the team’s knowledge this portal isn’t used by other municipalities – at least not as a three part cohesive platform. The solution reflects an understanding of the goals and vision of municipal planning departments.This team has this understanding due to degrees held in city planning. It offers government planners the power and capacity to achieve public participation and civic engagement in the planning process.
  7. 7. It is possible for APP East Orange! to be replicated many times over by Urban Grit.The software for the portal is WordPress with two plugins – BuddyPress and Woo Commerce. There will be no barrier of entry for using this software. Anyone can use each and alter it for free without paying to license it. Just as Slide Share, Nation Builder, SeamlessGov by SeamlessDocs, and more are run on dedicate servers, in order for this solution to be scalable it will need one as well. Additionally, a quality web host, top level domains and security tools are needed for this and all software platforms to ultimately be successful.
  8. 8. The portal has been designed as a drop down menu with links requested by the City of East Orange. Some content for these web pages has not been incorporated because it hasn’t been created yet by the City. PayPal has not been added to Market Place to take payments. Payments shouldn't’t be taken at this time.The items are samples meant to exemplify what can be sold by residents.The images on Market Place were found on google and are not the property of Urban Grit.They are not meant to be shared publicly. Accounts can be created on the Green Team’s platform at this time. A team member will be actively engaged in the implementation of the project and ensuring the integrity of the site is maintained through timely security updates. Workshops will be held to train the Planning Department staff and designated stake holders to manage the Market Place and the Green Team’s platform. Dialog has started about this process.
  9. 9. The portal can be found at
  10. 10. Single Member Team:Winstina Hughes UPLOADED TO SLIDESHARE.NET as: Coding for Community – Urban Grit GitHub Repository: By Team Urban Grit for 2017 Sustainable Jersey Coding for Community (CfC) competition